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Triple Rush – Extended Trailer

Triple Rush – Extended Trailer from Triple Rush on Vimeo.

Madrid Bike Polo Open give us two minutes of beauty

Caught this on Youtube with 9 views! Just want more people to enjoy.

Also, I was at The Pit today on my very own polo bike, a first since November, and with my camera in hand between games. Look for some fresh Bikes of Polo soon, plus an update of Chombo’s Joust after it has seen some games. And a quick set of life in The Pit on a spring day.

Frank in The Pit

On location in The Pit, New York City

STL: “Bike Polo is dying a slow death due to neutering”

Watch this then follow the link to read some words from Ben of STL. – Separation of Hardcourt and Grass…

He makes a good point about how what I started calling Hardcourt Bike Polo back in 2007 is not the same as it was then, and is going down a road toward the way grass polo is, full of rules and nonacceptance of physical play. Almost two years ago I made a post here pointing out the same thing.

NYC Bike Polo Spring Fundraiser

there is something somewhere on facebook with more info but i could not find it.