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Triple Rush on Twitter

Hey, Triple Rush has a Twitter.

Follow the show at @TripleRush

And if you care, I’m on there too @dougdalrymple

Travel Channel Sneak Peek

Last year I was working for The Travel Channel on a TV show about NYC bike messengers and finally they have a page on their site devoted to the show. This is the first I’ve heard the title of the show. Triple Rush.

Triple Rush gives you an insider’s look at the chaotic workings of 3 different NYC courier companies as they battle for survival in this intensely competitive industry…

I can’t wait to see more, but for now there are a few short videos, some intros to the cast of messengers, dispatchers and owners. Most of the photos you’ll see on the site is my work.

And here is a sneak peek slideshow of Triple Rush through some production stills of mine.

Click image to follow the link for more.

And the question everyone has been asking… When is it going to be on?
Thur, April 14, at 10 E/P


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Photos of The Grime’s Mike Schmitt

I’ve taken a little time to shoot with The Grime riders and here is a taste of some bigger things in the works.

Check for more details.

Fyxation Mesa Pedal

Fyxation sent out some of their new plastic (really they are high impact nylon) platform BMX pedals. I’m a little between polo bikes right now ( i don’t have one) so these went on a work bike. I have been riding them daily for a few weeks now.

When I rolled the bike out for the first time with these things I didn’t get to the end of the block before I thought “these feel good!” Weeks later and now that the weather has let me switch from big boots to my regular shoes I still think the same thing. These are nice pedals.

This is going to be a quick review. These Fyxation Mesa Pedals meet my picky standards for pedals. I’m going to pick up another set of black ones for my polo bike. I like these pedals and think most might too.

  • Thin profile
  • Large platform
  • I feel no flex
  • Grippy to my shoe soles
  • Bushing and double sealed bearings
  • Installs with 6mm hex wrench
  • $47.95 from Fyxation

More info: Fyxation

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Zach’s 3Rencho polo bike

A slideshow of my photography at Bike Shorts

I’m giving Ken Stanek a slideshow of my photography for his Bike Shorts show in a week.

Over 100 photos, most of which have not been seen before, consisting of work, racing, riding and portraits from 2006 to present.

Be sure to arrive early to see this because my photos are not in the main program of short films, instead they can be seen on screen before the shorts, or maybe after?

One last thing, I heard there is free beer and free food and no cover.

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MKE Bike Polo Club exhibition match

Half time bike polo at the roller derby.

Lafayette Riverside Polo Tournament

Lafayette Riverside
Bike Polo Tournament
April 2nd, 2011
West Lafayette, IN

More info:

Milwaukee Messenger Invitational10

Milwaukee Messenger Invitational10
Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament
Sunday March 27, 2011
Milwaukee, WI

2011 Swiss Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship

2011 Swiss Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship
April 2nd 2011