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Bench Minor II: Chicago

Bench Minor II
Bike Polo Tournament
June 25th – 26th, 2011
Chicago, IL

The six General Managers, in their draft pick order, are:
1 Birdie – Milwaukee, WI
2 Chris Simpson – Lexington, KY
3 Chris W. – CO,MO (and recently CHI)
4 Maija – Toronto, ON
5 Joker – Los Angeles, CA
6 Julian – Seattle, WA

Each GM will make eight selections, in turn, from the registered players to create a nine player team. GMs are allowed to trade any drafted player on their team, during the trade window. GMs cannot trade themselves.

Sheet 1: Draft Card
Sheet 2: Registered Players

The Draft registration opened January 23rd, 2011

And closes 3 pm EST, Friday February 11th
153 players registered.

Side note, Kev set up a ranking system for 25 people he selected to each rank their top 25 picks based on who they would “want to play with on a 3 person team for a regular tournament”.

The Draft date is Feb. 15th, 9 pm EST

This is only 4 days after Reg. close for the GMs to study the field and will happen live on the Google spreadsheet.

The trade window will be open for two weeks after the draft.

The first Bench Minor was in New York City and I believe Bench Minor 3 will be in Ottawa

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Go take a look. It’s the best thing.

1984 Coors Classic: Cycleball and Artistic cycling


January 23rd, 2011 The Pit

Paul and Joe (SF) were at The Pit first with shovels.
I was there for that but left to watch the Flyers vs. Blackhawks game with Zach.
Later Paul had Frank draw Chicago Bench Minor Captains draft pick order out of a hat.
I remember a few names but not the full order.
I posted a thing on
The sun was out but it was super cold today.

Previously: December 20th, 2009 The Pit

Eighthinch V2 update

Seen on the Eighthinch website..

We just got in our new V2 bike polo mallets and it looks like a few minor changes went a long way. The design remains the same but the compound used is all new and much improved. The weight stays the same at 120g but cracking issues have been solved and the new compound is a lot stronger giving the mallet a much longer life. The slot for the recessed nut has also been tightened up to reduce stripping.

$5 replacement plan: New or old, our mallet heads are covered by a $5 replacement plan. Send your damaged or worn out EighthInch mallet back to us along with $5 to cover outgoing shipping and we’ll send you a new mallet free. International customers can warranty their mallet through their local EighthInch dealer.

The production run hasn’t made it in yet but we’re going to be giving out our first batch of V2 mallets down at the Desert Polo Invite next weekend. If your down there competing you’ll be treated to a complementary mallet/shaft. It leaves us with a few available for sale here until the production run arrives in February.

Stay tuned for our new lightweight tournament mallet that’s in the works too. That model will be an all new design but we’ll have more details once we get some testing done with them.

You have to admit $5 shipped for a new mallet head ain’t bad. And did I read that correct? Entry in DPI equals a free mallet/shaft set up. Bring some hockey tape.

But I imagine V2 with still need to go on a drill bit diet to reach a playable weight.

Also, this new design has me curious, I’m thinking eighthinch may have learned something from their woes from V1.

More info: Eighthinch

Beaver Boys vs Machine Politics 2 by Kev

Beaver Boys vs Machine Politics 2 from kev on Vimeo.

Portland is where all young people go to retire

spotted this on Follow the link for more jokes.

Boston Lockdown Final game by Kev

The Guardians vs Cinnamon Rolls Royce from kev on Vimeo.

The Guardians vs Cinnamon Rolls Royce

Tim Lake: Showreel 2010

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Stayer and his pacemaker (Germany,1928)