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Fyxation ad in Urban Velo

Seen in Urban Velo

Here is another pedal ad in the current issue of Urban Velo that has bike polo in it. This ad is a little less obvious but that is no doubt a mallet shaft on the left side, and where else do you see bike riding through a chain-link fence.

These pedals being plastic are better for polo than any metal platform pedal, probably cheaper too. But in my VP Components post from a couple days ago I said I don’t like pedals with two large openings, here is an example of that.

More info:

VP Components ad in Urban Velo

Seen in Urban Velo

I would never suggest riding metal pedals for hardcourt bike polo. The opposite really, metal pedals are the first thing I’d suggest swapping off a polo bike. Plastic all day, pedal strike will happen and you want it to happen with a soft material, not with metal pins griping the pavement.

That said, these pedals look like they might be my new pedals on my street bike, I like the large platform and extra surface area created by the X pattern. I never like the more common design that leave two large openings.

Anyone know who the polo player in the photos is?

More info: VP Components

European Bench Minor

Seen in my rss reader

Sydney Bench Minor

Seen in my rss reader

Ray Walston and Anthony Perkins play bike polo

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Damon sent a photo my way, thanks man.

Jason Dill AWS Mind Field


2010 WHBPC Final

Milwaukee Slayerfest

aka Kremin & Brian’s Tournament