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Are you nasty enough?

2010 Bike the Barns

Bike the Barns
fund-raising bicycle ride
September 11th, 2010
Madison, WI

This is a great ride. I did it last year and I’m looking forward to it this year too. The Hunter Brothers, Just Coffee and all the other good things from Madison are involved or near by. What else do i need to say?
I’ll have some photos later, check back.

More info: MACSAC

A Thank You to Dockers

My team and I were lucky enough to get set up with a sponsorship from Dockers for our participation in the 2010 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships in Berlin. We were set up with some new pants and they custom screened the winged anchor logo on some t-shirts for us. This was all despite our team name being Profane Lobotomy. It all worked out great!   Thank you for your support.

Ben’s Cycle is getting a Franklin re-up

Seen on

Sometimes this is a hard to find item but it’s the best choice. Keep an eye on Ben’s and get’em.

Lancaster online misspells my last name

Bike, mallets and a ball: Bike Polo is good time
September 2nd, 2010
by: Susan Jurgelski

Six mallet-wielding cyclists square off three-on-three, ready to go wheel-to-wheel on a sun-baked city tennis court.

There’s an anticipatory tension as thick as the sultry, summer evening humidity and the hypnotic hum of cicadas.

These bicyclists are geared up.

When a red rubber ball drops into play, members of the Lancaster City Bike Polo club explode into a weaving, jousting, mallet-swinging, spokes-whirring, pavement-scraping frenzy.

Their singular goal: To slam the ball — without their feet touching the ground — between the two orange cones on either end of the court using the “business end” of the mallet. If feet do hit the ground while riding, the toe-tappers must tap mallets “in and out” on a post.

This local club of free-wheelers, which has existed informally and quietly for about two years, is on the heels of the resurgence of an age-old sport dating back to the 18th century. While polo has traditionally been played on grass, bike polo on asphalt is gaining appeal, international momentum and attention.

“Bike polo has been around forever,” said 28-year-old stay-at-home dad Kyle Ciccocioppo, a hard-core, hard-court polo player and founder of the local club. “It’s really big, but sort of underground too, since many people still associate polo with horses.”

The urban two-wheeled version is a cross between hard-edged street hockey and a less glamorous and more gritty version of the game of kings. Players ride mounts that are lean metal, not muscled and equine, and whack a ball that’s generally rubber, not hard plastic or wood, with a mallet that can be made of a ski pole and industrial metal and rubber piping. Rules are few and mostly self-policed. Each club may have its own “house rules.”

Even without royalty, the game continues to attract plenty of loyalty.

Doug Dalmypire, a New York City player and former bike messenger, writes a blog at He was interviewed by the New York Times and he posts press about the sport on his site.

But recently, he said, there’s been just too much publicity to track.

“I started to play in 2005, and just to guesstimate by my own research … (then) there were not more than 10 cities playing, but there are now some 120 cities (participating) in North America. It’s popping up in so many cities that never had bike polo before.”

Pun intended, it’s on a roll.
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Urban Velo: Issue 21

Some good stuff in this issue. A pretty photo set of bike polo and an I Love Riding in the City from Capt. Jake!
Look for it as you flip thru.

Focale 44: the Polo Bike aka “better than nothing”

Focale 44 is proud to introduce one of the first (if not the first) polo bike so far : the Polo Bike. Yes, the bike name is so obvious that you instantaneously know what it is all about.

The attached picture is the only we have now. A kind of spy shot from Eurobike show, taken by La Finca Distribution, our distributor in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
That Polo Bike has been developped in cooparation with a bikepolo team from Toulouse, France. Mainly with one of the crew : Théo Guerry. Starting from a Full Moon bike (Focale 44 first bike of the range), we changed the following parts to make it polo-ready :
- short and raised stem
- laidback seatpost
- confortable seat
- 28/16 gearing
- 2 chainguards
- 700x28c tires
- and last but not least 48-spoke wheels.

Retail price should remain under 600 euros in Europe. Available in november 2010.
Final word : We know that this Polo Bike may not be perfect. However, it exists, which is better than nothing.

That post title sounds super critical, sorry, I’m not real clear where this bike takes on it’s polo bike heritage. It looks like a starter fixed gear that has a set-back post and a spinny gear. It does have 48 spoke wheels, plastic pedals, and a chain ring guard. But none of those things are frame features. Anyway, I got mass emailed about being a blogger and could I post this. So here it is. I wish there were more photos. I’d like to know the geometry. And wondering why there are not brake mounts.

More info: