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Game of Chogan

read more of History of Chogân (Polo) on the Iran Chamber Society

2011 Trek Madone 6.9 SSL (58cm)

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I was in Madison this past weekend for an organized bike ride. After getting burned by the airlines on my way back from Worlds I wanted to find a loaner bike in Madison for the ride. So I called a friend at Trek and asked if I could borrow a demo bike for the weekend. To my surprise this is the bike I had the pleasure to take on a beautiful country ride. So light, so fast. I’m embarrassed to say what this ride costs. One thing I should say is I wish I’d have known I would be on such a baller whip and have brought my road pedals and shoes. Thank you Eric for the bike and Thanks to Jonny for the bmx pedals.

Here are a bunch of photos of the Bike the Barns ride.

And just a few more shots of my new favorite bicycle.

New York Bike Polo x Number Lab

Yep, that’s Johnny Midwest in a fashion show.

Three-year-old label Number:Lab started with a simple mission: to create the perfect T-shirt. Fast forward to the present, and architect-turned-designer Luis Fernandez is hosting his first New York Fashion Week show to an opening of athleticism presented by the NYC Bike Polo Association…

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D.A.M.P. Butterbean polo bike

Seen in Berlin. Handmade in Sweden.

More photos below, click image to view large.

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Berlin Rain

Berlin Rain from Doug D on Vimeo.

Landscape issue 12

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I’ve never seen this mag but is listed for web credit right below the writer and photo credits. thanks.

H.H. Harrison

Sometimes I wish I was born a century earlier.

COG Magazine Issue 9

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Peter was in The Pit for the first Bench Minor and some of his photos are in the new COG. Lots of NYC in this issue. I noticed Peter had a new Canon Mark IV and I was very envious but not sure if more so that he had it on a Canon pro guy loaner program, or that he just had one in his hands (even if for just a couple weeks). Anyway, all theses photos are from a camera body I wish I had an extra 5 G’s laying around for. And some of the shots may be for one of my lenses I loaned him for the afternoon. As always Peter did a top notch job documenting a polo event, I only wish it was more than three pages. Zach Blackburn, my longtime teammate but for this showdown an opponent, wrote the words that break down the format, the draft and the organization of this ground breaking bike polo event. I’ve heard Chicago is next in line to hold the 2011 Bench Minor. I cant wait.


Bench Minor re-cap

Loop Magazine issue 5

Bench Minor video from Uolmo

ATL fundraiser party

Atlanta Bike Polo Fundraiser Party
September 10th, 2010
Mint Gallery 684 John Wesley Dobbs Av. Atlanta, GA

Just seen this on Flickr. Click image for link.

The Pit 7/25/2010

Winds of The Pit from Doug D on Vimeo.

I can’t say i’m good at video but here is a quick and very simple video of some Sunday pick-up in The Pit. I shot it a few weeks ago before birdseye left town.