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Official 2010 NAHBPC poster

Friday Da 13th (part 4)

Friday Da 13th (part 4)
August 13th, 2010
Tompkins Square, NYC

$5 to race

I’ll be OOT but in 1, 2 and 3 I finished 2nd, 1st, and 3rd place.

Friday the 13th Part II Alley Cat

Joker’s Surly 1×1 polo bike

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If You See Something, Skate Something.

Here’s another poster I caught while riding. Click it for a close up to read the fine print.

NYC Century Bike Tour

NYC Century Bike Tour
The country’s only all-urban 100-mile bike tour
September 12th, 2010
Central Park, NYC

I spotted this as I was working, it’s too bad it’s the day after Bike The Barns in Madison, WI because I think I’m gonna be in Madison again. But even if I was in NYC on the 12th, I doubt I’d wake up and be at 110th Street by the 5:30am start time.

More info:

Nick’s FBM prototype polo bike

On the way to Madison I shared a bus ride with Nick and we had a conversation about this bike. I was happy to get to see it and watch him ride into a Championship win. All skill of course, but tell me this bike doesn’t look on point. Officially this bike does not have a name yet. From what I understand, it’s a re-worked FBM – Sword. But I think it will get a different name and be marketed, or at least sold as a “polo frame-set”. Nick is calling his Battle Ax.

Some of the things I like are the cantilever mounts, head tube badge and the radial front.

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NAH meeting in Madison, WI July 19th, 2010

North American Hardcourt, a body of bike polo representatives, held a meeting in Madison the morning after the NAHBPC.

Members in attendance:
Justin Gullickson (Cascadia), Doug Dalrymple (Eastside), Brian Whitmore (Northside), Jonny Hunter (Midwest), Alex “Joker” Dash (Southwest), Ben Schultz (Midwest), Mike Tretter (Southwest), Meg Lee (via-telephone, Cascadia), Ian Dunwiddie (Eastside), Angelo Salazar (Northside), Kevin Walsh (Northside). Also in attendance: Alexis Mills (Ottawa club rep), Britt Willey, Robbie Eccles. Thanks to Just Coffee and Heather of Underground Food Collective.

With just this last image, click to see large.

AOL’s Aslyum story on ladies of NYC bike polo

The Ladies of NYC Bike Polo
July 21st 2010
By Emily Anne Epstein

What do you get when women, homemade mallets, beat-up bicycles and a ball collide? Bike polo, of course!

Closer to street hockey than pony polo, the game is played three-on-three until one team nets five goals. The hardcourt sport has been growing in popularity since its inception in the 1800s. There’s been a serious spike in the past 10 years, with teams popping up all over the world. One might say it is the fastest-growing polo variety, with canoe, camel and yak polo lagging behind.

You’ll have to follow the link to see the 16 photos that made it into the story. and the Question and Answer with Chandel, Fiona, Sara and Katie. They talk about who they have dated.

New from MKE

Milwaukee Bicycle Co. and I made a new fork for bike polo. Thanks Drew! This is just a sneak-peek. Keep an eye on Ben’s Cycle for more details soon.

Going to MKE and MAD

and here are some of the places I’m going to be.

View MKE and MAD in a larger map

Edit: I just seen that Sam made a map too.

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