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NYC missed connections

This is funny for many reasons

Bike polo girl – m4w – 26 (Polo grounds)
Date: 2010-06-07, 1:07AM EDT

Super attractive bike polo girl with the awesome rocker and left leg tattoo. You are mad cute with your glasses but my friend told me you have a boyfriend. I was not willing to find out first hand. Maybe I will see you next weekend and you will have read this and know I am crushing you hard, perhaps tell me you are sans boyfriend but looking for a substitute…?

Bicycle Film Festival 2010 Trailer

Likely a dabber

Seen on Click image for full size.

If Jerry’s right knee wasn’t just 6 inches from his hip I might think this was the reference.

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Abe and his mallet

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2010 Polomania! Finals video

Polomania! 2010 Final BAD vs POLOsynthese from EHVFXD on Vimeo.

This is long and rather slow. There are only as few points I find interesting. Otherwise its like watching 2v2 if they propped a third unmanned bike in each goal.
The first is at 0:52. Brendan in red makes it his objective to blatantly interfere and it’s not called. Or effective. Or even looks interesting.
The second is at 8:19 when the goalie in black comes out. Just after that at 8:23 they make a beautiful pass (to no one) and then there is a crash. Exciting.
The last and by far the most interesting is the at 11:18. It’s the winning goal. Watch this part if you watch anything. Comments welcome.

ESPI 5 Boards supplies

Z and P stocking up.

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Maßcup in Munich

Indoor bike polo tournament
July 24th – 25th, 2010
Munich, Bike Expo Trade Show

Just spotted this on poloholica

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