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Racing Stripes at the OUTLIER store

OUTLIER shares a space with an art gallery and right now there is an ongoing interactive video painting called Racing Stripes. I was leaving ESPI 5 on Saturday and rolled past the store and Tyler told me about it. The cool thing is you can see it from the street and it is active from early morning, though the entire day, and stops at 2AM. But it starts up again the next morning. And every minute the ever changing image is posted to a Flickr account. Roll by and check it out.

Mike Legg’s wacky goal

Spotted this on the London forum.

ESPI5 After day one

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All games played to 15 min. regardless of score.

Teams are: (but not 100%, ballz weep faded on us)

Gnomadic Insanity
Zach Blackburn NYC
Doug Dalrymple NYC
Paul Rauen NYC

Hate Puppy
Lisa Moffit East Van
Amanda Pease Tampa
Stu Su Sarasota

Ken and the Barbies
Ken Stanek NYC
Fiona Ryan NYC
Sara Wojcik NYC

Dans Ta Gueule Puceau
Kevin Walsh Toronto
Hugo Laquerbe Paris
Pierre Le Lama Paris

You Know Who We Are
Shane Murphy DC
Megan Murphy DC
David “Tink” Sachs DC

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Polo Classic on Governors Island, NY

Seen this in a wine shop window the last day I was messengering in the city. I hear prince William is playing again so the crowds will be nuts. Free to the public, and there is the private party for the snotty sort. Take a bike and you get a jump to the front of the ferry line, just a tip. But I know not many bike polo players will hit this up because ESPI5 is going on at the same time. Otherwise watching horse polo is really fun. It puts our version into a new perspective. Check it out if you have the chance.


Polo in Governors Island

Manhattan Polo Classic

Motor Bike Polo

But really it looks more like soccer to me.

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ESPI5 Rules (Final Cut)

Zach just sent me this in an email. I like it!


Uno, dos, tres. Tres el playeros on each team.


Only refs are invested with the power of timeout. They will call one for mechanical repairs or person repairs if someone gets injured. They may also stop the game if they want to explain a call, although they are not required to do so.


1. Teams will be required to wear matching colors, please bring a backup color to wear in the event that your opponent is wearing too similiar a color. If no backup jersey is available, a coin toss will determine which team plays shirtless.
2. Mallets and bikes must not have dangerous protrusions (bolts sticking out, jagged edges, etc), and must be capped on the handle/handlebars.
3. Helmets are required. There’s also plenty of other safety equipment available, so please come prepared.


1. Shots come off the business end of the mallet, unless a defensive player shuffles (or deflects off their mallet) into their own goal. They can deflect off any number of wheels, bikes or walls. Shots that deflect off a teammate’s body are considered shuffles.
2. Wrist shots that are scooped up off the ground with the mallet tip will count as valid shots as long as they never go above the goal’s crossbar, and also do not come from the player’s defensive half of the court. This means you can pass with an air ball anywhere at any height, but if you are attempting to score it has to be done from your offensive half of the court (no long bombs), and it can’t ever go above the cross bar on its journey to the net.
3. Shuffles do not count unless you are shuffling into your own net. That is an own-goal.
4. Half court will be given to scored-on team: play starts when ball or scored-on player crosses half court.
5. If goal gets accidentally moved, a goal judge or ref will fix it. Play does not stop.

Game format: Games will go to time regardless of score. Earlier games in group phase go to 15 mins, later on it will be 20 mins for semi finals, and the 3rd place game and final will be to 30 mins. Play does not stop at 5 goals. If there is a tie score in an elimination game, play will stop at the buzzer, and will restart with normal face off “joust” in sudden death mode (first goal wins the game).

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“the Birth of Big Air”-The Matt Hoffman story

This a a trailer for the feature film in Program 1, 2, and 3 of the NY Bicycle Film Festival. That’s this Friday June 18th 7:30pm, 9:30, and 11:30.
I have tickets for 7:30 and I can’t wait!

The Birth of Big Air
Directed by Jeff Tremaine
Produced by Spike Jonze, Priya Swaminathan
and Dickhouse Productions

More info: Bicycle Film Festival

Man & Machine

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I stopped by the OUTLIER store the other Saturday and this was a gift Tyler had for me. no.43 of 500. Made by self proclaimed “fakeinger and hipster” Bjorn Rust. In this issue he interviews Daniel Angus about Brisbane and bike polo. And some other stuff too. Looks good.

More info:

Old school polo bike

My friend Andy sent me this pic.