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It’s My Park Day: Bike Polo Demo

It’s My Park Day
Bike Polo Demo & Clinic for Teens
May 15th, 2010. From Noon – 2PM
The Pit, Chrystie and Broome Streets in the Sara D. Roosevelt Park, NYC

For more info:

St Cago Polo Works online store

Seen above is the Tournament Doubles.

Tournament heads emphasize reduced weight. They’re built around 3400 series HDPE DR17 pipe, which has a thinner wall than the utility pipe you’ve been using. It’s made from the same grade of plastic, so it will wear and play the way you’re used to, there is just less material to grind away.

Lots of sizes to choose, prices start at $13 US. Years of research. Made in USA

Also offering a Dual-Pull Brake Lever in short pull and long pull options.

For more info: St Cago Polo Works

A Tree at The Pit

Last March a tree in the Broome Street walk though of the Sara D. Roosevelt Park was cut down.

It seemed that it could have been due to a chance that the tree was diseased or was a hazard. But it also seemed very likely that it was really just removed to make space for the large city trash trucks that park in the walk through on a regular basis. I have a few photos of this from the past months but this one give you a clear picture.

But finally, 14 months later there was a new tree planted in it’s old place. I was happy to see this.

EighthInch Mallet Head Video


Kennedy is a messenger working for V.I.P. Messenger Services in New York City.

See more in my Flickr set.

NEVER! Thought I’d Say This: LA, I Miss You

Eli’s Bike Polo Check. from Tim on Vimeo.

The players in 818 are great! I played out there at the end of my trip last year and it was one of the very best days of my whole summer. Watching this video reminded me how rad that court and it’s players are. Good times.

818 Polo clips by tim

Aug. 23rd, 2009 David Potell Memorial YMCA Sports Facility

How long until Red Bull builds us a polo court?

This looks fun. A polo gear would kill it!

Red Bull Minidrome from Radar Films on Vimeo.

Seagull’s “black bags” deal

Need a good bag for a good price? check out Seagull Bags out of Ohio.

And if custom bags are your thing, Seagull has the market cornered. This gallery is worth the look!

And on a side note you could ask about the mallet holding add on they have made in the past. I like it.

Also I’d like to share that these guys and girls are really cool people and I have played polo with them in Columbus and some of you may remember they were also at 2009 Worlds in Philly. Plus some of you are wearing the prize bags they have sponsored polo events with in the past. Good people.

More info: Seagull Bags

2010 NAHBPC in Madison

2010 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships
July 16th – 18th, 2010
Madison, WI

Madison is perfect for this event! 8 courts, 96 teams. More info to come.



Rules: here

Official poster: here

2010 FHBPC in Rouen

2010 French Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships
May 28th – 30th, 2010
Stade Saint Exupéry, Rouen, France

I got this in an email today, thanks for the heads up Simon. Even if you can’t read french and even if you won’t go to their Championship, you should at least follow the flier link to see how great his post for this tournament looks.

More info:
contact [at] guidoline [dot] com