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Tenth Anniversary New York BFF

Tenth Anniversary Bicycle Film Festival
June 16th – 20th, 2010
New York City

Always a good time!

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Nick from Toronto in The Pit

We also had Gus from Boston and Nate’s dad visit us, as well as a couple new players to give bike polo a try.

The New York Times: No bike polo at the Googleplex

A bit of a joke but bike polo did make it into a NYT online article as what I’m guessing is a cultural reference.

When Responding to Spam Pays Off
May 21, 2010, 2:35 pm

Friday is National Bike to Work Day, so stash the artificial hormones, ready your full-throated denials and try to stay upright on the way to the office!

In addition to more bikes buzzing around today, there will also be more ferries this weekend, New Yorkology reports. So party like it’s 1899.

For today’s cyclists who work in scores of buildings in Manhattan and a few in Brooklyn, congratulations: you can now bring your ride all the way into your cubicle, the fruits of a law passed last year to allow cyclists access to certain types of commercial office buildings.

According to the Department of Transportation, 176 so-called bike access plans have been filed by building managers since the law went into effect, plans that would accommodate 2,881 bikes. That’s a lot of bikes, though so far there have been no reports of bike polo breaking out at the Googleplex (it’s more of a push-scooter scene). For those still left to lash their rides to fixed poles in the cement, take heart: You, too, can follow the (bike) path to a bike plan.

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David’s Bike Polo Check

David’s Bike Polo Check from Tim on Vimeo.

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Polo Mallet Giveaway and or, Pre-Order from Eighthinch

If you or your team have the saddest, most totaled, wasted looking mallet or set of 3 mallets you could win a re-up from EighthInch along with some extra swag. It’s pretty simple, Just send a picture and they pick the winner. For all the details read the post on the EighthInch blog. Free Mallets! Do it.

Or if all your busted up mallets are long lost to the trash can at the park like mine are, then you might just make a pre-order. Mallets will be shipping soon. How soon? Check the EighthInch site for that.

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Bike Shorts 12

Bike Shorts - short films about the bike
Sat. May 22nd, 2010 8:00pm
Old Stone House 5th Av & 3rd St Brooklyn

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Corey: Left side drive

The other day Corey broke the shit out of his drive train. Today he was playing on a new one.


Corey’s polo bike

Boone Bike Polo

This is in Boone, North Carolina. Hippies. But I like the angle of view and what is that 5 on 5. I wonder if they time the games or play to five? To be honest I didn’t watch to the end.

Boone’s Underground Bike Polo League
The Secret World of Bikes Hitting Bikes, Intense Competition and Camaraderie

Story by Eric Crews

By day, these competitors are bike shop employees, carpenters and business owners, but every Monday night, they shed their professional garb in exchange for a battered bike and mallet while taking part in bike polo matches at Junaluska Park. Its all about going out and having fun, said John Fennell, an employee at Magic Cycles. We try not to take it too seriously, but, he said, lingering for a moment, we definitely play to win. Video by Eric Crews

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The Winners of the Games’ cycle polo match

I really don’t have any other info besides what you see. I’ll assume the Games’ they are referring to was the 1908 London Olympic demonstration matches. If so, then this would be Ireland.

OUTLIER 60/30 Khakis

More good stuff from my friends at Outlier.

The 60/30 Khakis are the sort of pants we love to make. Simple, incredibly comfortable and suited for the rain, grit and repetitive motion of real life. They aren’t quite as durable as our 4Season fabric based pants, but they are a whole lot better than your average cotton pant. All the while staying lightweight, breathable and gifted with a true freedom of movement. Khaki’s you’ll want pull out of you closet and wear everyday. Similar to our OG Pants in cut, but with a button front. Available now in Tan and Olive. Made in New York City with Swiss fabric. $157.

We called our new Khaki fabric “60/30 Cloth” in homage to the fabric that Sierra Design named their killer 60/40 Parka’s after. Back in 1968 George Marks and Bob Swanson honed in on a 58% cotton, 42% nylon blend fabric as the ideal balance of handfeel, durability, water resistance and breathability. They rounded the numbers to 60/40 for marketing purposes and went on to make the iconic jacket of 1970′s era hiking and camping. For our Khakis we wanted a fabric with a classic cotton twill handfeel, but with the durability of a hiking parka and a four way stretch for the ultimate freedom of movement. We settled on a combination of 64% cotton, 29% nylon and 7% elastane. We added a “self-cleaning” nanosphere treatment for extra water, dirt and grease resistance and quick drying properties. Then we rounded the numbers of to 60/30 for marketing purposes and the 60/30 Khakis were born.

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