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So-Cal Winter Polo Picnic in LA

So-Cal Winter Polo Picnic II
Bike polo tournament
January 30th & 31st, 2010
North Hollywood Park, 818 LA

From Alex aka Joker:

Its gonna be big out here, we’ve got like 36 or so teams lined up, and a second rink rented out. It could be the future large scale tourney for the Southwest.

More info:

Bike Polo Shafts by Milwaukee Bicycle Co.

Made from 7075 T6 Series 4 Aluminum, these poles are constructed with the strongest commercially available, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and are twice as strong as the industry standard, rated to 75,000 PSI.

  • Overall Length: 49″
  • Length of Straight Section: 35″
  • Diameter of Straight Section: 0.73″
  • Length of Taper: 14″
  • Diameter @ End of Taper: 0.46″
  • Powder Coated: “Eddie” Orange
  • Weight: 195 grams
  • I have not used this product or even seen one for that matter but it solves the constant problem of not having anywhere to get ski poles/ mallet shafts. The price is $15.99. A little steep when compared to the $4 – $6 some thrift stores charge per used ski pole. But with thrift stores there is still the crossing your fingers that they even have some. Also that they are aluminum, straight, long enough, and not beat up too much. Any way, there was a time when people only played on beater bikes, but now some people are building up new frames for polo. Likewise, players are going to start making mallets out of new shafts.

    More info: Ben’s Cycle

    Bench Minor Tournament

    Bench Minor
    Bike polo tournament
    March 20th – 21st, 2010
    Chinatown, NYC

    Finally, some real info about Adam’s Tournament. I talked with him tonight about this and the teams are strictly limited to five. But teams can have more than the 8-10 players as stated on the flier. It’s only a limit of how many players that can be on the bench for a game. Example: Team “Gerbilers” from a mix of Mid-West cities could have 13 players, but only 10 of them can play in a game. Three of the teams players would have to be scratched from the game but they,  the Gerbilers, can change line up from game to game. Any way, My point is that the 5 team limit, times the 10 player max does not necessarily mean only 50 people get to join in this debacle. Also this is just in case you don’t read the rules, but you should. There is some trash talk about players we love and despise.  And 2010 is the Year of the Tiger. Just saying.

    Still no word on how much the entry fee will be. Per team or per player? I’m not sure. I’m sure some invitation will be extended to clubs of Adam’s choosing but I’ll let Adam announce how he plans to grant entry into his hockey inspired tournament.

    By the way, March 20th is the Vernal Equinox and a week after Daylight Saving Time.

    Good Luck.


    Teams will consist of 8 or more players. For each game (both periods) you need between 8 and 10 players on your bench. Although your team might be 12 or 30 people, you need to pick which 8-10 people are going to be active before each game, and stick with those until the match is over. Teams can be comprised of any combination of city and there’s no minimum on how much time each member plays. You can switch players in and out on the fly as long as there are only 3 active on the court (or two during a penalty kill). If the entering player(s) are active in play before the exiting players are completely on the bench there will be a delay of game penalty called.


    1. Each player should have two different jerseys (tshirts, hoodie, whatever) in each of their team’s two different colors. The whole team will be wearing same color jersey that doesn’t conflict with opponent’s color. That’s why the teams have two different colors.

    2. Mallets and bikes must not have dangerous protrusions (bolts sticking out, jagged edges, etc), and must be capped on the handle/handlebars.

    3. Helmets are required, unless insurance doesn’t require them. There’s also plenty of other safety equipment out there. So don’t complain about your little fingers getting booboos when you could be wearing gloves.


    1. Shots come off the business end of the mallet, unless a defensive player shuffles (or deflects off their mallet) into their own goal. They can deflect off any number of wheels, bikes or walls. Shots that deflect off a teammate’s body are considered shuffles.

    2. Wrist shots that are scooped up off the ground with the mallet tip will count as long as they never go above the goal’s crossbar, and also do not come from the player’s defensive half of the court. This means you can pass with an air ball anywhere at any height, but if you are attempting to score it has to be done from your offensive half of the court (no long bombs), and it can’t ever go above the cross bar on its journey to the net.

    3. Shuffles do not count unless you are shuffling into your own net. That is an own-goal, and for this tournament you’ll have at least 7 other people pissed at you for doing this, instead of the standard 2.

    4. After a goal is scored, both teams will have a chance to switch players. The ref will whistle to begin play.

    5. Half court will be given to scored-on team: play starts when ball or scored-on player crosses half court.

    6. If goal gets accidentally moved, a ref will fix it. Play does not stop.

    Game format:

    1. There will be two periods of 25-35 min (length of periods is still under review). There will be a 1 min break in between halves, when the goal your team is defending will switch. No timeouts! Work on your bikes while you’re on the bench. The clock will stop after a ref calls a penalty and after goals, so teams will have a chance to switch players, and then it should only take a couple seconds for the teams to get on-side.

    2. Each team will play all others in a round-robin fashion. Wins are worth 3 points, losses are a big fat 0, and ties are going to be fun. Because the game restarts with standard “joust” but teams play 2 on 2 in sudden death. Whichever team scores first gets 2 points, losers get 1 point. After round-robin there will be a single elimination final between the top 4 teams. Based on the round-robin rankings, the top ranked team will play the 4th, 2nd vs the 3rd, and then the cup final. And oh yes, there will be a cup. You want to win this.

    More >

    December 20th, 2009 The Pit

    By NYC standards we got dumped on Saturday night. About 10″ to a foot of snow in The Pit Sunday morning.
    Thanks to the players who did the real work of getting that unwanted snow out of The Pit. The games were fun.
    Ryan from FL was back in town for some icy games.
    Thanks Birdseye for letting me borrow a mallet.
    About â…“ of the players on court were girls.
    The sun was out and the temperature was nice without much wind. If there wasn’t so much snow it would have been a perfect day.
    Check out for a few more photos of the day.
    I worked for over an hour by myself before Katie showed up. We had 6 shovels going sometime after 2:20pm till 3:30.
    We played games to 3 points to make it seem like we got more games in and so those waiting didn’t have to wait too long.
    The amount of space cleared: 96′ x approx. 40′


    Epiphanie Bike Polo Weekend

    Epiphanie Bike Polo Weekend
    Bike polo tournament
    January 9th – 10th, 2010
    Rouen, France

    Each team bring a gift. and each team will recieve a gift
    No sponsor, no soucy, just some polo as we all like it.

    More info:

    212 Mag Street Issue

    More info: 212mag

    Odyssey Monolever (Purple Rain)

    Odyssey Monolever (Purple Rain), originally uploaded by Crispen.

    This is what i want for x-mas but in left trigger.

    Previously: Odyssey Monolevers

    Randy Brown TwobyFour Section

    Outlier for Women, the Daily Riding Pant

    Ladies, don’t ever say we didn’t listen. Almost from day one we got requests for a women’s version of our trousers, and since you are all smarter than us, we figured we better take your advice. It took three tries, but we think we finally got it right. Outlier for Women, the Daily Riding Pant.

    Lean, sleek and made of our core 4Season fabric. You get all the men’s performance features, in an elegant and slimming silhouette. The four way stretch and a soft inner face of the doubleweave twill fabric ensures you’re always riding in both comfort and style. Wear them to work or out for drinks, rain or shine you’ll be stepping off your bicycle looking good and feeling better.

    Made locally in New York City. Not only does our 4Season fabric shed rain and dirt, dry fast and resist wear and tear, but it also meets the strict bluesign environmental standards. It’s a low impact fabric, made with tight emissions standards that ensures it’s produced with the absolute minimum amount of waste. A better way of clothing for a better way of life, enjoy them, and let us know what you think.

    More info

    Adam's Tournament

    So Zach asked me to post this.

    They are working on a flier with official name, dates and tournament structure info. Check back for all that soon. Till then here is a link to the Google document that is the rules. Look it over and leave feed back. Zack and Adam will see it here as they are not on League of Bike Polo all that much at all.

    More info soon….