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Tom Sachs: Stealing Bikes

See more photos in my Flickr set: WNW Tom Sachs: Stealing bikes

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Nickel Bar ends by MKE

These are exactly what bike polo players need. Capped bar ends. If you like this throw back to the days before readily available machines end caps, spend the $11.99 for a set (nickels are included). You need something to keep from core sampling yourself or friends out on the court, it might as well be something cool.

More info: Milwaukee Bicycle Co.

Australian National Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships

Australian National Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships
Bike Polo Championships
November 28th – 29th, 2009
Flagstaff Gardens, Melbourne, Australia

More info:

2 days, 2 courts, 18 teams

1st Place – “Meat & 2 Veg” Melbourne (Leigh, Rob and AJ)
2nd Place – “Scheisse Katze” Germany, Melbourne (Kaiser, Alex and Easy)
3rd Place – “Bush League Bushrangers” Sydney/Toronto (Lewis, Mitch and Maija)
4th Place – “Jailbreakers” Castlemaine (Paddy, Laurie and Mr Reliable)

The Joust by Fleet Velo

The Joust is a American made steel frame and fork designed and produced in Waterford, Wisconsin. It is being called “the first production bike frame made for hardcourt bike polo” and comes in five sizes ranging from 43cm to 62cm. It’s made for use with 26″ wheels and all the sizes have a 74.0 Head tube angle. But the rear triangle is spaced to 120mm and fits just up to  1.5″ tires. More frame specifications can be found on the Fleet Velo site.

The Price is $650 for painted frame/fork.

A few times I’ve be able to ride this frame and thought that it’s ride feel is unique and might take some getting used to. But I never really ride 26″ wheels so that may be most of it. A couple of my friends have Jousts and other than tire clearance issues, Chombo and Jonny seem happy with them so far.

"Bike Polo" by Hope

Bike Polo, originally uploaded by Hope..

Here is a shot of us playing bike polo during the half time at the Gotham Girls Roller Derby. Follow the link to a few more.
Look at all those people in the stands. x2.

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Klausbash Bike Polo Convention in Italy

Bike Polo Convention
December 5th & 6th, 2009
Villa pamphili, Rome

For more info:

Bike Polo in Texas

Bike Polo Work Sample from Leah Michelle Ross on Vimeo.

$10 could get you a new frame for bike polo

A couple of fellow 42 Ride endurance cyclists kept going. Now they are in Mexico somewhere and Raffling off a frame from Soma, who is apparently one of their sponsors. Check out for all the details.

We’re living the simple cycle-touring lifestyle, but still need funds for boat passages, visa costs, vaccinations, innertubes and patches, and of course, lots and lots of rice and beans.

This is our first fundraiser and it’s an awesome one indeed. For every $10 US donation to WeKeepGoing we will enter your name for the frame and fork raffle. The winner can choose any frame and fork, in any size, produced by SOMA Fabrications.THE MORE DONATIONS YOU MAKE, THE BETTER YOUR CHANCES.

More info:

Chicago vs. Milwaukee at the MWBPC in COMO