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Bike Polo. November 15th, 2009 The Pit

After starting out at the Brooklyn court we moved over to The Pit.
New York had visitors from Upstate and Texas
Good weather, Great games.

All photos © Doug D
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More Texas bike polo videos

Get Off Your High Horse. Bike Polo is Here.
Deep in the trenches of Austin, TX, there’s a mob of bike fanatics turning the classic bourgeoisie sport of polo into a fresh new urban sport. The big difference is that you don’t need a steed and saddle to participate — you just need a bike.

Bike polo has a live-and-let-live aesthetic when it comes to the gear. Like any competitive sport, though, there are a few guidelines that keep scores legit and separate the pros from the newbies.

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Slow work day after a holiday

On Friday after Thanksgiving I had to work but I knew it would be slow so I brought my camera along. Between runs I was just roaming around and on my way down Union Av I spotted a couple BMX kids hitting a new sidewalk ramp that was set with a good kick to it. One other guy was taking photos (see them Here) and after they got the shot they wanted we spoke a few words. After finding out that Dan, with the camera, lived in the area but the riders were from CT I asked if they had seen the new ramp under the BQE. They had not. This is my photo of Ben boosting the ramp. Click to see large.

I got a call for work and had to take off but I crossed paths with this crew a couple hours later and Ben showed me that he had snapped his front axle and Dan told me the site he’ll post his photos to, check it out. Good to meet you guys.

Boston Bike Polo short video

Boston Bike Polo from Boston Bike Polo on Vimeo.

Boston Bike Polo Put together this short 1:29 min. video that probably sums up exactly what pick-up feels like at the Alston courts. Great place to play polo and I really like that only one in about 20 or so shots of this video has someone posted in goal. The rest of the time it’s like six people playing polo, not 2v2 + 2 tripods. I love it. lets see more.

Keep up to date with Boston’s goings on:

Session 700 tires by fyxation

Fyxati★n is a new company out of Milwaukee, WI and they are making a tire with full wrap-around, diamond pattern tread. The tires are marked as 700 x 28 but to my eyes they look more like a 700 x 32. They have a 120 TPI (threads per inch), a Kevlar bead, and are available in colors.

The set I have are all black but here is a close up of the tread taken from a post on Fyxation’s blog.

Johnny Mid-west is running one on his front, Kermin was a test rider for this product since at least ESPI4 in Boston. Prolly also wrote a review on this tire some time ago but he’s a trick rider and the bike polo application is more my area so I’ll be writing a review after I get a few games in. Check back later. But for now here is some basic info.

  • 700×28c (28-622)
  • Foldable
  • 120 TPI
  • Kevlar Rolling Protection
  • Pinch-flat protection
  • Full tread pattern bead to bead
  • Full diamond pattern bead to bead
  • Colors
  • Made in Taiwan

More info:

Women of hardcourt bike polo

Just a few photos from over the years.

Brooklyn Machine Works polo bike fiona ryan NYC _MG_5049

Jesse's SE 29er polo bike

As of Nov. 15th, 2009
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This is was sticky

Hi everyone, Boston and Madison have bid for the 2010 North American Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Championships. or or

For the time being I, along with Paul(NYC) Meg (DC) and Ian (RVA) are the four Eastside region (NYC, VA, NJ, DC, PA) organizing body members. Any thoughts/suggestions should be expressed soon. Get involved.

Edit: I have made my vote.

Update: From Ben Schultz

We are pleased to announce that the host-city for the 2010 North American Hardcourt Championships will be Madison, WI. Congratulations MAD!

If you read these bids in their entirety, you know that this was a tough choice between two phenomenal bids. So congratulations goes to both Madison and Boston for presenting bids that were engaging and which demonstrate a desire to raise the bar – set by Seattle this year – even higher.

Finally, congratulations to everyone – so many people helped make this first bid process a productive and relatively smooth one by getting involved, asking great questions, staying on point, contacting representatives in their region – this was a great first step.

Thanks everyone!

This is was sticky

Paul's new bike polo sticker

bike polo. are you sure you’re taking it seriously enough?

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