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August 24th, 2009 Long Beach, CA

The day after my NY to LA ride was complete I played bike polo in LA. The day (night) after that I played in Long Beach. Dukes was there for some games too. Thanks again to Josh for letting us borrow your bike.

Johnny Midwest Vs. Ramman

NYC Bike Polo Aug. 17, 2008 at the Cherry Street rink.

hardcourt bike polo ramman johnny midwest

hardcourt bike polo ramman johnny midwest

hardcourt bike polo ramman johnny midwest

hardcourt bike polo ramman johnny midwest

Jon's Fuji polo bike

As of May 24th, 2009

I know Jon won the Milwaukee Bicycle Co. 48 spoke wheel set at MAD in NYC for MVP aka most goals scored.

Ben Schicago's polo spoke wrench

ZACH may have a lot of tools on his peg board at Trackstar, but this past weekend Ben Schicago gave me one tool ZACH doesn’t have. One of his custom made spoke wrenches. It’s made to fit onto a spoke nipple without the need of removing a wheel cover. Pretty cool.

Some things that are specific to bike polo have to be made and some things can be brought over from other aspects of cycling. Like plastic pedals from BMX and 48hole wheels from Tandem and touring set-ups. And some things are being born from polo. Like the Pologuard and now this shamrock spoke wrench. Thanks Ben!

And when I was at Trackstar I snapped a flick of something Patty made.

Benefit Auction for Mike "Grandma" McFadyen

Please help and donate to get Mike “Grandma” McFadyen back on the street and back on his feet

Friday night, before all the LMM stuff started I was riding my bike on Canal in the city and found a fellow biker and NYC messenger at the intersection of Centre Street. He had been hit by a car and was in really bad shape. He was wearing a helmet and had brakes on his bike. The helmet saved his life and his bike is destroyed. It’s been five full days and he is still in the hospital. Some friends and family are hosting an auction to benefit Mike. If there is any way you can donate it would be greatly appreciated.

See info on the flier.

Mike, I’ve been thinking about you and hope you get well soon!

Jonny's Joust polo bike

As of September 13th, 2009

Hardcourt bike polo jonny hunter on a breakaway madison

The MELEE is over

And we can try to remember it through photos…

Find many more on my Flickr set Los Marcos MELEE

Or just watch the slideshow here

Silly stuff in The Pit

No not Los Marcos. I just happened to be rolling past The Pit and as I usually do, I stopped to see if anything was going on. I took these photos about a month ago during NYC’s fashion week so I thought this was a real runway show trying to be “gritty” but after I walked around to the other side I saw this was a taping of something called “Model City”. HA!

“ all media now known or here after devised, throughout the universe in perpetuity.” Yeah.





Joey's Surly Travelers Check polo bike

Joe's Milwaukee polo bike