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New York Bike Polo Bids for 2011 Worlds

New York Bike Polo as a club will be utilizing their website to announce more details soon.

Today this was posted.

As a club, New York Bike Polo has decided to focus all its energies and resources on a bid to host the 2011 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships.
We have therefore decided not to bid on hosting the 2010 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships.
A detailed proposal for the 2011 WHCBPC is forthcoming.

Brazil loves The Pit

Erika Mader of Lugar-Incomum interviews Birdseye and myself during some regular pick-up games at The Pit in NYC. Here is a link to the post on

Fall Indoor Training

First in real time, then in hyper time.


In the green room of Hunter College as we were waiting to play bike polo as the half-time show for the Gotham Girls Roller Derby. We played a 10 min. game in front of about 800 people.

Fifo x BMW cycling caps

Two Brooklyn, New York companies come together. Fifocycle made a limited run of custom caps for Brooklyn Machine Works. Here is one of many different sizes and patterns.
BMW also has a basic cap that’s made in USA.

Fifo is run by Fiona, a long time NY bike polo player.

For more info:

WNW (TrackstarNYC) Program

I’ll be at the Thurs. October 29th London to Paris movie premiere at 7pm.

And the Build a Polo Bike class  7pm Wed. November 4th.

If you are a new player and want to build up or fix up a bike for polo drop by. Bring what you have and we’ll make something work.

BFF Paris bike polo tournament video comparison

Here is a well done video of a recent bike polo tournament in Paris France.

BFF polo tournament- paris 2009 -clip HD (v.02) from Uolmo on Vimeo.

And now another, this one without editing or a sound track.

Goalies are still boring either way.

I’m gonna go straight to trash talk but first can anyone tell me the song from the first video?
Paris, are you going to bid for Worlds in 2010? If so let’s hear it soon. Looks like a good group of players but way too many goals scored on the goalie-type-people-on-bikes in the goal. You all are useless just sitting there between the cones. I’m not saying to get better at SITTING BETWEEN THE CONES. I’m saying get your ass out of goal and play the ball like a polo player should.
It’s great that Europe makes so much polished up polo media. You all make really good fliers, videos, logos, t-shirts and other polo related media and nic-nacs. But really, if you want to have a world-class hardcourt bike polo tournament on your continent it might be wise to practice PLAYING THE GAME a little more so when North American teams invade your home lands you might be able to put up a worthy fight. So my free and unsolicited advice would be to get better at hitting the moving ball while you’re doing some moving too. Meaning it’s a 3 on 3 game, act like it. Or you won’t be in the top 3. or the next 3.

Ok now for real. I can’t wait to play polo over seas and I’m looking forward to knowing what cities are looking into hosting 2010 worlds. Are there any European cities biding for worlds? I looked on .ca and some of the euro club sites and could not find much info.

October 18th, 2009 NYC

WNW Opening at TrackstarNYC

WNW is a pop-up installation within Trackstar that works as a companion to the STAGES show. Open Weds – Saturday, 10/22-11/22, WNW is all dedicated to cycling and art in New York. It’s a place for the community to get a sense of what LIVESTRONG and the Lance Armstrong Foundation are about and to connect with people who are stoked on cycling and art.
They will be serving free coffee and donuts every morning for riders headed to work, offering free flat fixes and teaching classes on bike stuff like wheel building and headset installation. There will be weekly rides visiting all five boroughs of the city that will leave from WNW. The London to Paris film will also be screened here.

Victor Li reports on bike polo during LMM

_MG_5530 victor li radio on bike polo

Bike Polo: No Horses, No Rules – (AUDIO)

Birdeye's table in The Pit NYC

Birdeye’s table in The Pit NYC, originally uploaded by Doug D.

Update: Birdseye’s Table found it’s home