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I’m starting a pool. Guess the year and month that Wal-Mart, Kmart or Target will have kids sized t-shirts with look-a-like bike polo tournaments logos or art on them.

Cycle Messenger World Championships 2010

Cycle Messenger World Championships XVIII
September 3rd – 13th, 2010
Panajachel, Guatemala

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Last full day in AZ

Quartzsite 11
For our first 53 miles of the day we were on AZ 60, a long straight two lane desert highway. No shade no services. I rode the first 40 solo and didn’t see any other riders till I was rolling up to the support van at about the 20 mile mark. I saw them ride away as I rolled up. I made a quick stop at Judy’s van and got back on the road to maybe catch up but that didn’t happen till just before Nick’s van at about the 40 mile mark. Chad and I caught up to Allison and Blaise. Still no shade. But now with more sun and wind. We rode the next 13 or so miles to where we were about to turn onto the I-10. I was really hoping the interchange would have an over-pass that would provide us some shade to take another break under before riding the last 15 miles to the hotel. But the ramp was more of a merging lane and I just looked way over to the over pass and thought it was too out of the way to suggest to the others we backtrack for a bit of shade. So, while traversing the 0.4 miles of road between AZ 60 and I-10 proper I was scanning the roadside for a bush or scrub large enough for the three of us to set behind and have a break from the sun for a few. No such luck. We rode to what was the shoulder of I-10 and that gave us a hill to cross over with the hope of maybe some shade on the other side. That was the majority vote. Get over the hill, look for shade. But I was hot, tired and felling sunburnt and dehydrated. At about the midway point up the hill at what was Mile Marker 30 of the I-10 in Arizona I talked the two into stopping.

This sign was our shade. The only sign I’ve seen along our entire trip that listed 3 cities we would be staying in. Yes it’s a short ride from Quartzsite to Blythe. The shortest day of the entire ride. But for us it’ll be more miles than that to Los Angeles because we will only be on the interstate when we have to be and we are hitting the coast at San Diego then riding up to LA.

While in the shade I called Judy to see where she was because all the water I had left was at least 85 degrees and I knew we still had a case of monkey pickles we needed to eat before the group of us crossed into California the next day. Judy was about 5 miles away driving towards us. She brought us some ice cold water and fruit and that made the last few miles into town a breeze. By breeze I mean a 100+ degree headwind.

Edit: yes this is old, I just got around to uploading some of the many photos I still need to work with.

Bike Shorts Sept. 27th NYC

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Bike Polo NY by Ideia Forte

Bike Polo NY from Ideia Forte on Vimeo.

Alexis's polo bike

As of June 20th, 2009

alexis polo bike full

Alexis polo bike front wheel

alexis polo bike drive train


All Photos © Doug D 2009

A few words about Philly's new sport

I found a little news story from Philly at

Hardcourt bicycle polo new sport in Philly
Friday, September 4th, 2009
By: Peter Crimmins

If you check it out for yourself you’ll be able to listen to the text below and see three photos. I found it interesting.

If you see people riding their bikes in circles in a vacant parking lot swinging homemade croquet mallets, it is not a franternity hazing ritual. You could be seeing hardcourt bicycle polo, an urban version of what horses do on grass. While still little-known, it’s growing in popularity and this weekend Philadelphia is hosting a tournament that will crown the world champion.

Hardcourt polo players use any concrete space they can get… a cracked tennis courts or an unused outdoor hockey rink like this one under Interstate 95 near Washington Avenue.

Montgomery: I’ve played soccer, baseball, hockey, football, just about anything and I was terrible at all of them. But for some reason I’m kind of good at this.

29 year-old Alex Montgomery has rigged up an old steel-frame mountain bike with a very low gear that makes it easy to sprint from one end of the court to another. He makes his own mallets using a ski pole for a shaft and a hunk of PVC pipe for a head. The regular Wednesday pick-up game is played 3 against 3.

Montgomery: Frankly it’s hard to gather enough people in Philadelphia. It’s a smaller city, and most people only have one bike and they don’t want to ruin it.

Bikes take a beating. So can the players. Injuries from swinging mallets, thrown elbows, and slippery concrete can leave people bruised – even bloodied. Peter Dalker has played in bike polo tournaments in cities across the country and says Boston tends to be the roughest.

Dalker: They play like it’s a severe kind of hockey. Slashing mallets and hacking at body parts.

It’s played more gently in Seattle, and it’s different in Chicago, which is different from London, which is different from New York. Cities tend to cultivate their own rules. Some places have offsides rules, some don’t. Some have rules about striking with the face of the mallet, or the use of goalies. Temple University sports economics professor Mike Leeds says America’s most popular sport – football – started the same way.

Leeds: One game between Harvard and McGill in football back in the late 19th century. Harvard played by one set of rules, McGill played by another set of rules. So they came to an agreement that they would play the first half of the game by one set of rules and the second half by another set of rules.

The organizer of the world championship tournament is Fishtown resident Montana Norvell. He wants to establish a common set of rules to standardize bike polo into a more legitimate game, which in turn could attract money. He’s walking a thin line between financial backers who want a return on investment and players who want to have fun with their friends.

Norvell: By the standards of most sports it’s very free and open – it really should remain that way. My concern is that as we put on bigger tournaments, we need more and more money to do that, and we’ll make concessions about how they play.

Norvell says some manufacturers have given support to the tournament, but it’s a bad year to ask anyone for money. These are humble beginnings for bicycle polo, not unlike the early days of professional skateboarding or the X-Games. Sports economist Victor Mathesson of Holy Cross University says even obscure, rough-and-tumble sports can hold marketing allure.

Mathesson: It’s not necessarily the number of fans, it’s the type of fans. If you can get into the very attractive 19 – 24 demographic that major league baseball is increasingly unable to attract, then even small crowds might be doing exactly what you want.

At this stage in the game, bike polo is trying to establish credibility. There is no prize money – players are fighting each other mostly for bragging rights. But organizer Norvell says that in order for the title of World Champion to mean anything, the world has to be here.

Norvell: I got a lot of teams from Europe coming. I think we’re at eight. Out of 48 it is still underrepresented, that number is going to grow. Hopefully people don’t feel they just won a tournament – hopefully they can brag they really did win a world championship.

Norvell is caught in a Catch-22: he needs money to bring world-class competitors together, but he needs world-class competitors to attract money. Like everything about bike polo, he’s making it up as he goes along.

With all this talk about money I wonder how much money was raised at the Bicycle Polo World Championships Fundraiser @ Trophy Bikes. I’d also like to know where one would even buy hay bales in Philadelphia? I’ll save my criticisms for later.

CMWC Tokyo 2009 Bike Polo

cmwc 2009 flier bike polo

CMWC Bike Polo Tournament

The Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo crew are hosting a tournament to go with the Cycle Messenger World Championships. Just because the “Worlds” of bike polo split from CMWC this year does not mean CMWC won’t have any polo. (It also does not mean that 2009 is the first World Championships of bike polo) Here is some text from Tokyobikepolo.

Place: Various Locations in Tokyo
Hosted by: Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo

Date: 19th Sept. (Saturday)
Registration Time: 10:30 a.m.
Registration Fee: HDPE pipe for mallet’s head or Flanklin SHD Ball (or Mylec & Franklin’s “Glow in the Dark” Hockey Ball) per person. (both are hard to get in Tokyo!) a set of pipe and ball? two or more pipes and balls? fantastic! we don’t forget your support for Tokyo’s scene, never!

Games will begin at 11:30 a.m (pick-up).Tournament will begin at 12:30 a.m.
single elim. tournament.
Only 16 teams can register to play in the tournament. If more than 16 teams register to play, we’ll randomly select 16 teams from the list. (You can register as an individual: Please find your team mate on location before the tournament begins!)
Registry Requirements: All registered CMWC 2009 Tokyo participants

3 on 3
7 min./3 points.
final & 3rd place final is 10 min./5 points.
We abide by the NYC game rule.

some pick-up games.
losers of tournament, some local bike polo teams, and riders from Kyoto.

all games are not serious! it’s fun games for our guest of CMWC & local bike polo players.
We want to provide a hangout for all the bike polo loving messengers of the world.

If you want to register, please email us at the below address with all the necessary information listed below (1~3). We will get back to you with the game location and details.


1. your team name
2. your name/race no. of cmwc (000 to 999)
3. member’s name/race no. of cmwc (000 to 999)

We are also looking for referees.
Contact info:


1st place: “filthy fucks
Marco Creacy / NewYork, USA
Timothy Mason / Portland, USA
Kai Edel / Cologne, Germany

2nd place: “Team Switzerland”
Dominique Candik / Basel, Switzerland
David Beerli / Basel, Switzerland
Mario Rhyner / Geneva, Switzerland

3rd place: “Team Australia”
Lane Dell / Melbourne, Australia
Joe Cavenagh / Sydney, Australia
Safa Cunt / Sydney, Australia

4th place: “416″
Shane Murphy / Toronto, Canada
Maija Eliashevsky / Toronto, Canada
Ian Brosco / Halifax, Canada

and MVP of the tournament.
Kai Edel (filthy fucks / Cologne, Germany)

and some pics are here.

Los Marcos MELEE

Los Marcos MELEE
Bike Polo…
October 9th – 11th, 2009
The Pit, New York City

Also a race: Los Idiot Kat

For more info:

Two days, two courts, 19 teams, from at least 14 cities. New York, Chicago, DC, Pensacola, Ottawa, Richmond, Seattle, Boston, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Columbus Ohio, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and New Orleans.




WINS: Three Velocity wheelsets built by Brooklyn Bike & Board

Second Place

Hot Boiled Peanuts

WINS: custom made messenger bags from Seagull Bags

Third Place

Hakuna Matataz

WINS: Kryptonite locks with “VIVA LOS MARCOS” sleeves printed by Laek House & Holdfast

Fourth Place

The Los Marcos Kill Team

WINS: Viva Sauce by Ch0mb0 & Sara, Outlier hat & shirt, and Laekhouse bandanas


Sean RVA

WINS: a Fleet Velo!!!!!

2nd MVP


WINS: A Milwaukee Bikes Pologuard with “VIVA LOS MARCOS” engraved on the crankarm.

Special regocnishun for 1st female streaker

Megan from Chicago

WINS: Custom Marcosian wheelcovers, handpainted by Brianna (2nd MVP)

Zachfased (most drunken)

Corey – who didn’t play, and got drunk at an event not even associated with the tournament. Happy Birthday Al!

WINS: a bag of LOS MARCOS BLEND coffee from Just Coffee


Johnny Midwest

WINS: a pair of HoldFast Straps

Hottest Costume

The Rumblinas

WINS: our other custom wheelcovers, handpainted by Chombo

Best Fake American


WINS: a case of Grape Four Loko

Overall points

1. 3445 – Fetus in Fetu (Birdseye, Ram Man, Dumptruck – NYC/CHI)
2. 2788 – Hot Boiled Peanuts aka Muy Caliente Legumes (Shane, Meghan, Jason – DC)
3. 2615 – Hakuna Matataz (Cecily, Brian “Ohio”, Ryan Pennsacola – NYC/CHI/FLA)
4. 2478 – Oh Fucky My Ass, eh aka The LOS MARCOS Kill Team (Zach, Alexis, Bainesworth – NYC/OTT/RVA)
5. 1880 – I’m not gay, but my roommate’s dick tastes like shit (Sean (MVP!), Ben, Johnny Midwest – RVA/NYC)
6. 2010 – Darth Ackbar (Zack, Adam, Leslie – NYC/SEA)
7. 1845 – Bosstlyn aka Bri Aggressive (Brianna, John, Jordan – NYC/BOS)
8. 1835 – Get Yourself Tested (Quinn, Ian, Ben, Fiona – NYC/RVA/CHI)
9. 1674 – The Rumblinas (Shelly, Oleha, Chandel – TO)
10. 1430 – Team Adorable (Tommy, Nate, Dave – NYC)
11. 1380 – The Black Widows (Katie, Amber, Julie – NYC)
12. 1263 – We’ll get back to you on that (Jen, Quinn, Paul – OTT/NYC)
13. 1015 – Lee & the Ladies (Lee, Lindsay, Megan – Columbus, CHI)
14. 732 – Dangerously Delicious Dump a pupu platters (Nick, Tim, Vince – ?)
15. 650 – What kind of dinosaur is that? (Tucker, Cait, ? – CHI/MKE)
16. 505 – 3rd Wheel Que Malo (Tink, Bruce, Jason Aquamoore – DC)
17. 480 – Raw Dog & Bail (Nathan, Will, ? – ?)
18. 250 – The Kurt Angles (Brad, Jonathan, Ian – PIT)
19. 120 – And Whatnot (Capriotti, Chris, Nick – PHI/NYC/RVA)

New York, Chicago, DC, Pennsacola, Ottawa, Richmond, Seattle, Boston, Toronto, Pittsburg, Columbus, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, New Orleans

Other notable points results!

A separate column was kept for “misc. shenanigans, bribery, hijinks, etc.” This is where Los Marcos is traditionally won. No one can remember waht points were given for what, but some things are “court streaking”, “stripper tipping”, “coffee”, “tequila bribe”, “stick & poke tattooing the MVP”, “taking you shirt off at party”, “pleasing los marcos”, the list goes on

1320 Sean RVA (MVP MVP MVP)
810 Birdseye (last year he had only 200. You suck!)
640 Chandel (wore orange onesey best)
430 Tucker (sponsors get mad points)
415 Dave Neigburrito
410 Bri Aggressive (nice disc wheels!)
390 Ben/Fiona (can’t remember why)
390 Leslie (lots of bribery)
385 Cecily (2009 HCBP MVP)
370 Katie (nice hair)
358 Jason Woadie (1st person to earn points, in July)
345 Zach Lefty Doodle (for being from Brooklyn Bike y Board)
345 Ram Man
345 Ryan Pennsacola (has hot friends in Florida)
275 Bainesworth (for playing with us in PHI even though we lose)
295 Dumptruck
263 Alexis (although we assume he awarded himself most of those points)
250 Julie Benedetto (ran alleycat, didn’t play any polo)
250 Shelly (also wore orange onesey best)
225 Jen Ottawa (kidnapped Bueno’s child)
220 Cait (official Los Marcos personal assistant)
210 Tommy
205 Ackbar
200 Bruce (nice bike)
-180 Red Chris (cries too much)
-650 Johnny Midwest (1 point deduction for every $1 paypalled to him)

Scavenger Hunt Totals

1500 or so – Hot Boiled Peanuts
1020 – Bosstlyn/Bri Aggressive
970 – Fetus in Fetu
910 – I’m not gay but my roommate’s dick tastes like shit
710 – Hakuna Matataz
660 – The Rumblinas
630 – Oh Fuck My Ass, eh?
590 – Lee & the Ladies
510 – Get Yourself Tested
320 – Darth Ackbar
260 – Dangerously Delicious Dump a Pupu Platters
150 – We’ll get back to you on that
120 – The Black Widows
20 – Team Adorable

Top Karaoke

280 – Zachstar – “Bohemian Rhapsody”
275 – Hot Boiled Peanuts
250 – Fiona “Your so vain” with her own lyrics that she forgot
120 – Bosstlyn
120 – Lee & the Ladies
110 – Ackbar
100 – Dumptruck – “Common People”
100 – Hakuna Matataz – “Kokomo”
100 – The Black Widows
80 – Adorable

Midwest Champeenships 7

Hardcourt bike polo midwest champeenships tournament flier

7th Midwest Hardcourt Bike Polo Champeenships
Bike Polo Tournament
November 7th & 8th, 2009
Columbia, MO

1st Place: “Machine Politics” Ben Schultz, Joe Panizzo, Matt Lane from Chicago , IL
2nd Place: “Beaver Boys” Kremin, Joe Burge, Brian Trillman from Milwaukee , WI
3rd place: “Hot Sauce Enema” G-rod, Matt H, Capt. Jake from Milwaukee , WI
4th place: “team treak bikes” Kev, Jonny and Ben Hunter from Madison , WI
5th place: “What Just Happened?” Jason”Mailman-J”Boyd, Michael”MiniMike”Boyd, Troy Hacker from Phoenix , AZ
6th place: “Hymen, I’m Home” ATX

For more info: