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After Little Rock

Free Breakfast

Old Jasper and Old Jasper

Turn onto Old Jasper Hwy then turn onto Old Japer Hwy.

This reminds me of Waverly Pl. and Waverly Pl. in NYC.


We stayed in a place that had a few cabins with single beds, but not enough. a few of us slept on the couch or floor maybe. On the right is how I marked the bed I was planning on sleeping. On the left Dukes marked his bed with sweat. Done deal.


I like to camp.

Texas event info

In the most basic form.

DATE:   Friday, July 24th
CITY:     Dallas, TX
TIME:   6pm
PLACE:  3699 McKinney Ave.

DATE:   Monday, July 27th
CITY:     Austin, TX
TIME:   6pm
PLACE:  117 W. 4th St.
NOTE:   Goldsprints

DATE:   Tuesday, July 28th
CITY:     San Antonio, TX
TIME:   6pm
PLACE:  2309-2407 E. Evans Road
NOTE:   Goldsprints

Stage 29

Made it to Texas and our ride is past its half way point. After 29 days we have ridden in 12 states, plus the US capitol. Now that we are in the Lone Star state we won’t cross another state line for 15 days. I’m looking forward to events in Dallas, Austin and, San Antonio. As you can imagine it feels like we just started this ride just the other day but at the same time I feel like I’ve been riding months. And on the other end I’m glad that we have a long way to go but myself and some of the other southern route riders have said is how soon it’ll be till we are done with the trip. That’ll be a bummer. I’m having fun on this trip but like anything else it’s a teeter-todder of highs and lows. I rode about half the day yesterday then SAG’ed it in to the campground. Nick was good company in the van for the last half of the route. The two days before that I’d ridden the route entirely alone. One was just because I was riding my own pace just to get the ride ridden so I could get out of the sun, and the other was because I wanted to route myself. I knew the address of out lodging and had a map so I did it on my own. Starting in Seminole, OK I rode west on Route 9 like the way-sheet said but a couple miles later I did a detour North-West on the 3E toward Shawnee. I got off of the marked state routes in town but knew that if I’d stay north till I found a road going west I could still get back on the road I wanted. I found a few photo worthy things in Shawnee and was on my way out of town toward Oklahoma City so I rode North. I crossed over an East-West Interstate and turned west on the next paved country road. I wanted to link up with the OK 270 and take it North West into the city. But as I made my way across the country road and got to the end I then realized that there is a river that not all the roads crossed. Some of them were simply unmarked dead ends. I had to turn around and cover the same miles twice. I headed North on the 177 for about 9 miles before I found another paved road heading West. That was the US 62 and that becomes 23rd Street. I rode that into the capitol city and right past the capitol building. So it wasn’t such a bad detour anyway. From there I happened to ride past the Oklahoma City Memorial. Then quite a few more miles to the East side of the city to our hotel where I promptly ordered a Papa John’s super veggie pizza and took a shower. Later, the group walked a couple blocks to the event at Louie’s bar and grill. We meet Rob Smith who reps 42 Below in the area and Texas. Pretty nice guy and I’m glad he’s doing all our events in his home state. I also did a video interview for a local news station and I’ll try to find the link so you can see how tan I am from riding my bike all day every day.

Stage 26 (Stigler, OK to Seminole, OK)

I woke up at 5:45am, put my bag in the rig, ate a quick breakfast from the hotel lobby, grabbed the bike and was off by 6:15am. I rode just over 96miles on Route 9 in less than 8 hours. One long road with very little shade, very few towns, just stops for water. I rode the whole day solo except a mile or so with Crihs and I felt strong most of the time. It was not till the last 15 miles that I went in and out of feeling whooped and feeling ready. But that’s when the hills, sun, and wind were there to put a hurt on me.

At the hotel now. I showered and grabbed some free chocolate from the little basket at the front desk and sat here at the lobby computer to load a few photos (slowly). Later I’m gonna make some food and ride out to the old part of town (Main Street) and maybe take a few picks. Then eat again, maybe a jump in the pool and finally, bed time. I hope that all happens by 8pm because I’m tired.

Day 25

Miles riden, 50. I woke up in Fort Smith, AR at a Holiday Inn around 5:30am and loaded my bag into the truck then ate a big breakfast. I ate a couple bannanas, two bowls of cereal, 2 6oz. yogurts, a couple blueberry muffins, three slices of buttered bread, and about six 6oz. cups of cranberry juice. Then, when I was suposed to get on my bike and ride into Oaklahoma, I took the elevator back up to my 3rd floor hotel room and went back to bed. On my way up I did see Judy, our ride manager, and told her I would not need the way-sheet she was offering and said that I would not need any support today, so don’t wait for me.

Most of the other riders were going to leave between 6 and 7am to ride the days miles. A few others were planning on maximizing the hotel stay. After resting a little more I got up again sometime around 8am to go for round two at the free breakfast bar. This time I brought it back up to my room since everyone else was sleeping or already on the road. I turned on the TV and stopped flipping when I caught the billiard sceen of Indecent Proposal and that happens to be the sceen where he offers a million dollars for a night with Woody’s wife. About then Alison knocked on my door and said that Le Tour was on and that it was raining. Ha! I flipped around for it a bit but I don’t care that much, it’s not like I can watch it every day. I went back to bed after eating.

I sort of had a feeling it was getting close to 10am and that ment two things, that If I didn’t get going soon I’d be riding in the hottest part of the day and that I needed to get back down stairs if I wanted to clean up the last few minutes of free food. So I did just that, I ate three breakfasts. And I’m surprised by that because last night I ate a whole Papa John’s pizza and drank a “man can”(as Brian put it) of V8. Calories.

So it was noon when the 5 sleepers left the Hotel. Sunny with some clouds, a light breeze and a cooler than I thought it’d be temp. Alison, Crihs, Brian, Chad and my self set off on out short 50 mile ride. Pretty smooth going, we stuck together the whole way. Stopping in Keota, OK and I bought round of Mountain Dews at 79cents a pop.  Then to Spiro, OK where the only thing open on this lazy quiet Sunday was a gas station and we all got water but by that time we were only 10 miles from the Twin Lakes Inn.

We ripped the last ten to the hotel and about 6 minutes later I was in the pool. Then a group ride into town for a food run and now I’m blogging as I attempt to catch up on my photos. Tomorrow 95 miles.

The Ring

The ring is worn by the fastest rider of the day. First one into camp or the hotel wears the ring. On this day (quite a few days ago) Crihs from NYC wore it for being the fastest on the preceding day. But the ring changes from a boy rider to a girl rider daily. Fastest boy, fastest girl, and so on…
I have yet to wear the ring. I usually ride in the middle of the pack but I stop to take lots of photos. Or to make PB and J’s or talk to locals or swim in creeks or to call Nick and bitch about the way-sheet. Sometimes I text him to tell him how great my day is going.