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Touring Bike MKE sent me!

Touring Bike MKE sent me!, originally uploaded by Doug D.

So here is the bike I’m on. this is pre touring set up with better wheels and rack and bags. rides good. little time, more later.

OK OK here we go

I’m in RVA, just got off the phone with Ian and after I do my contractual obligations and sit at a bar wearing my 42BELOW jersey for 2 hours and safely ride back to the hotel in the van, then I’ll go see a bit of Richmond with some other the polo players i know. Not sure what we are going to do but I’m already excited to hangout.

On Day 6 right now, well just did that. Headed to Raliegh soon.

In NY we got the Red Bull hookup, a grip of cases went into the vans for all the riders to fuel us along the way, Thanks Todd. I got those photos on the way soon.

I have not made any mentions of this on this site yet but one one of my polo sponsors stepped up to be my bike sponsor for this 42RIDE. Ben’s Cycle / Milwaukee Bicycle Co. sent me a Specilaized Tri-Cross Comp for me to ride cross country on!!! Wow, Thanks Drew, the bike is working great. I swapped some higher spoke count wheels onto it and a rack and it’s ready to go. Photos soon. I had to test it out, so on Saturday last week ZACH and I pulled it out of the box an hour before the rainy Bridge Battle 5 alleycat. Then I raced it and got 4th! I zipped around on the weekend from BFF screening to BFF parties to where ever the hell else I was… and on Monday I did a day of messengering on it. Not smart to work on a brand new carbon/AL road bike. I locked at 300 Vesey St aka WTC3 and the post and saddle were stolen, Bastards.

But on the ride it’s doing great, most other riders are on ballers road bikes. Look, Colnago, Penarello and such. Some Surlys and another tri-cross, and older Trek and not many paniers or even rear racks rolling to CA so I go a little slower but I want to take photos along the way and be able to stop and make a PB and J when I want so that means I’m carrying stuff.

I have gone swimming every night since the start, so good to jump in a pool after a long ride. The weather has been good. No killer wind, or rain, but a good bit of sun. not as hot as it’s gonna get further south. Black has become my favorite color, but only because EVERY day I have to wear an all black jersey.

Everyone else on the ride is fine by me. Meaning I like all the other riders alot. We ride out on a semi together group in the morning but i like to ride out in the first few so i can stop for photos and the others will catch up and I wont be left too far behind. On the road we sort of leap frog and roll together and stop as we feel like it and ride solo or with someone else when we get back on the road. At night we are all together and around to talk about our days.

It’s a good group.

Photos on the way….

About to start

I’m at the Apple store on 5th Av at 59th street right now. Some of us are waiting outside to do a live thing with some morning show then roll out of the city. I hopped into the store to take a pee and thought why not do a post real quick. Spent the last two nights at the hotel in Newark and meet most everybody so far and it looks like the crew is a good one. stoked to do this ride. Even if I did wake up at 3:30 AM to get here. it’s 7:am now and we dont get on the road till 9am and really we are just riding back to Newark. then some. Gonna be in Philly for the BFF on Friday night. OK gotta pee.


Phones & DCs
Tomorrow night, one other and I are taking the PATH train from WTC to Newark Penn Station with our bikes and all the gear we’ll need for the next two months. From there we’ll ride our bikes the 3 miles to the hotel that all of the 42Ride riders are staying at.

So Tuesday night I’m in Jersey.

Wed morning we all have a meeting till the afternoon.

Wed evening we all get brought back (for me and the other NY riders) to the city from 5pm till 8pm to have the kick off bash at Epstiens (Allen & Stanton)

Wed night we go back to Jersey to spend the night at the hotel again.

Thurs morning (4:30am) we all will meet in the lobby with our gear to be driven back into the city.

Thursday 8am we arrive at Columbus Circle.

9am the 42Ride departs and rides North to the George Washington Bridge and will ride our bike back into Jersey saying good bye to NYC.

I can’t wait.

After right now, I’m just going to turn my phone off and only use it when I’m done riding for the day. YES! I really like the idea of not answering my phone while I ride my bike. Emails are good, but can’t say how often I’ll be in front of a computer. Some mass emails may go out to some heads that I think might care to hear that I’m not dead, or in a heat induced coma. I hope to be able to upload photos to my Flickr and I can do simple blog posts from there to keep this crap going… as for all the other internet communications, they will be on hold. Just a heads up to the 6 people that care.

One more thing, I signed up to twitter. but only to follow and add one more to the needed 100,000 it’ll take for them to give $42,000 to the Alliance of Biking & Walking.

Alliance for Biking & Walking x 42 Below x Twitter

One of the biggest advocacy things this cross country ride is about is working to have 42below give $42,000 to the Alliance for Biking & Walking. If you’re on Twitter go to and sign up. You can keep track of “Mr. I invented the tap-in rule” and myself as we ride our polo bikes from NYC all the way to LA.

Below is the info found on site.

Alliance for Biking & Walking creates strengthens and unites state and local bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations.

42BELOW Vodka is putting out a call to action to take part in supporting the Alliance by encouraging twweters to follow 42RIDE on Twitter. If 100,000 people follow the ride on Twitter, 42BELOW will make a $42K donation to the Alliance pledging 42 cents per person.

“Bicycling is one of the best ways to explore your community and our country in a healthy and sustainable way,” says Jeffrey Miller, President / CEO of the Alliance for Biking & Walking. ” We hope with awareness 42RIDE generates that communities cross America will become better places for bicycling and walking.”

Please sign up, 100k is a huge number of people, but 42 thousand dollars would be huge for this DC based non-profit. Thanks.

Killing shit at the BFF street party

Mark thompson bulldog bike BFF NYC street party
I’m pretty sure this is Mark Thompson of Bulldog Bikes NYC during the long jump comp. The BFF Street Party on 2nd Street in New York was a blast! I always like the BMX riders taking over when it comes to impressing the crowd.

Phil 48

Phil 48, originally uploaded by Doug D.

I mentioned that BMW was nice enough to let me order a few parts for my upcoming ride. The first of a few got in on Friday. This Phil Wood road hub. Spaced to fit a 130mm rear triangle, this 10 speed hub will be laced to a Velocity 48 hole Dyad rim… if it ever gets here.
Overkill? yes.
And it’s heavy, and the paws feel like they could take down a house. And it cost about a weeks pay even with the hook up but I want to ride on wheels that I don’t have to worry about. That’s why I’m gonna take a wheel off my polo bike and roll my MKE/Deep-V 48 front across the country as well.

Edit: see more about where I rode this hub under the 42Ride category

Update: see where this hub serves duty in this post

Javier's polo bike

Javier polo bike full

Javier polo bike front

Javier polo bike drive train

Crandals polo bike

crandals polo bike full

crandals polo bike front

crandals polo bike drive train

Mr. Ben Hunter

The Talented Mr. Hunter from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

Another Ben Hunter Bike Polo Classic: Ben fixes Joe’s rim at the COG Invitational Tournament…with his head.