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More Oregon cities playing bike polo

Ashland Bike Polo Flyer

Cleveland Bike Polo Tournament

bike polo tournament cleveland

Bike Polo Tournament
Bike polo tournament
April 18th, 2009
Cleveland, Ohio

More info:

Thanks Alex for the heads up.

here is a little background what’s been happening in cleveland: we got the city to donate old tennis courts to us, so we have an “official” bike polo court. we are in the process of building a permanent wall. we are all very excited and have a lot of energy to put towards this. like i said, this is the first tournament we are throwing and want it to be very well down/successful. many of us have been to tournaments in chicago and pittsburgh, and are hoping that there will be a strong representation from other cities at the tournament.


Winners: El-tron, Big-Lee, and Todd the Destroyer (Dayton)

2nd place: (Lexington)
3rd place: (Cleveland)

Pologamy in Munich

pologamy munich bike polo flier
Bike Polo Tournament
June 27th, 2009
Munich, Germany

I received an email from someone(?) about the upcoming “Pologamy – 1st Munich Bikepolo Open”. So here is the basic info.

For more info:

Friday the 13th Part II Alley Cat


Friday the 13th Part II
Alley Cat
March 13th, 2009
Tompkins Square Park, NYC

Registration 6:30
Race 7:11 pm
$5 to race

1: Doug D
2: Yatika
3: Grandma
4: Dominican Crihs
5: Victor
6: Chris Cali
7: Kennedy
8: Troy
9: Hiromi
10: Fox
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Some good shit going on…

Over on Trudy’s site, I don’t know, I’m just going to call it Trudy NYC. Any way. She’s got a beard contest going on between Brendt Barbur and myself in her MTX write up. And a quick spot about a TV show I’m not going to be in, Bike Men WTF?. bah.

YEah whatever..

Bike polo on

I need a translator.

Waterford's The Joust on NAHBShow blog

I might usually just re-post the entire story in a block-quote but this time, out of respect for the writer I’ll just make it a link to the original story.

The Waterford Joust: Innovations in Bike Polo

As seen on the North American Handmade Bicycle Show blog.

Thanks Tucker for the heads up about the story. I cant wait to see more of these on the polo court.

Tulsa blowing up!

Bike Polo Hits Tulsa

March 2, 2009
By Kyle Dierking,

TULSA, OK — A ball, mallet and bicycle – a curious combination that forms a single sport.

“There’s really no pressure to win but things do get intense,” said Phillip Dillon. “But it’s not like typical sports.”

This bicycle balancing act is known as bike polo. It’s typically three-on-three, you play to five and the object is to guide the ball in the goal — all while staying on your bike.

“Being able to just shuffle and handle the ball is a skill all in itself,’ Dillon said. “Shooting is another tough thing – it takes a long time to get good at.”

Phillip Dillon picked up bike polo while living in Los Angeles. When he recently moved back to Tulsa, Dillon brought the sport with him, starting a group of burgeoning bike polo enthusiasts.

“About half of the people that come out I have no idea how they heard about it or where they came from,” Dillon said. “They just show up. It’s pretty amazing.”

Some show up with sparkling spokes. Others have beat up, battle-tested bikes. Personality, more than anything, plays into this game.

“A lot of people that play are generally the type of people that didn’t play competitive sports growing up,” Dillon said. “It’s fun to see that side of them come out when they actually do something competitive.”


When: Wednesday night at 7:00 and Sunday afternoon at 4:00

Where: Zink Park, 1501 East 33rd Street South