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10E. 21ST.

10E. 21ST., originally uploaded by Doug D.

I took this picture in Jan. 2008 and this has nothing to do with polo. Except that it has to do with me. Even with the threat of showers, I rode over the Manhattan Bridge into the city to play bike polo in The Pit today. I crossed paths with a biking friend who i would sometime shoot pool with. We haven’t shot pool in a while and she said she had been playing at SoHo Billiards because it’s close to her house. I never really like it there because of the floor to ceiling windows that let you have full view of all the distraction that are on Houston. I have always liked shooting pool in windowless rooms. Or at least with the windows covered. I learned to play on the table in my grandparents basement when I was young. I always liked pool. Even when I was young I was tall with long arms and had an understanding of the game. Later when my friends and I got cars, we would go to the pool halls and shoot late into the night so much that our grades reflected our hours at the table. And when we were old enough to go to the clubs and bars, I would play pool instead of drinking or dancing.
Before living in New York I lived in California for five years. And for all those years I worked at a bar, located in a basement, and with a pool table. I played a lot pool there too. One decent bar table in room with just the table, no chairs or other junk in the way. I probably played 40-60 games a week there. I even played Kiefer Sutherland for money and won about fifty bucks off him there. I also served Scott Ian a beer once but that’s a different story.
Anyway, moving to New York I thought I’d find lots of great pool halls and get even better at pool by being around better pool players. But after going to some of the few pool halls around, most were way too fancy and cost too much to play, or had elements about the surroundings i didn’t like, such as big windows four feet from the tables.
One place I did like was this place, Broadway Billiards Cafe. On the very short block of East 21st Street between Broadway and 5th Av. it was open 24 hours and charged just $5 an hour. To put that in perspective, I was paying $4 an hour at my favorite pool hall in Dayton Ohio and this place is a block behind the Flatiron Building, just steps from where Broadway and Fifth Avenue intersect and they only charge a dollar more that some regular spot in the mid-west. And NO! the tables didn’t suck. Nice, well maintained nine foot tables. 22 of them, and all lined up nice and neat in a basement, no windows, and an OK jukebox that nobody ever played so it was nice and quiet. Just the sound of billiards.
Well, my pool playing friend on the bridge today said she had heard they closed. After polo I rode up to 21st Street to see that they had indeed shut their door(s).
Sad. I really liked that place.

European Bike Polo Championship 2009

European Hardcourt Polo Championships: London 2009
European Hardcourt Polo Championships
Bike Polo Tournament
August 1st – 2nd, 2009

Registration will open on Saturday, April 25 at 12pm GMT. You will be able to register at It will cost £60 per team and the fee is payable upon registering.

The tourney will take place over two days on August 1st & 2nd 2009.We are capping the tourney at 40 teams and registration will be on a first come, first serve basis.

If you have any questions, suggestions or the like for us, please feel free to contact

european bike polo championship 2009 have your say flier

Select image twice to see full size

For more info visit EBPC2009


European Champions – L’equipe (Geneva)
2nd place – Malice International (London)
3rd place – Poloholics Toros (Munich)

4th – Discordia (Paris/LDN)
5th – Cosmic3 (London)
6th – Fabulous French Fuckers (Paris)
7th – BAD (London)
8th – Barlin (Berlin)
9th – Rotten Apples (London)
10th – Zombie United (London)
11th – Fixa Club (Barcelona)
12th – Netto Superstars (Manchester)
13th – The Toffs (Oxford)
14th – Les Debutantes (Paris)
15th – Candy Colored Clowns (Karlsruhe)
16th – (tie)Fen Boy 3 (Cambridge?)
16th – (tie) MoM (Karlsruhe)
18th – No Polo.No Talk (London)
19th – Dreipracht (Karlsruhe & Frankfurt)
20th – DBAA (Rouen)
21st – (tie) Mallet Force (Berlin)
21st – (tie) Skidheadz (Barcelona)
23rd – (tie) Le French Cavalry (Paris)
23rd – (tie) Poloholics Anonymous (Munich)
25th – (tie) Drof Ox Flailer 3 (Oxford)
25th – (tie) Blood, Sweat and Beers (Manchester)
25th – (tie) Rock ‘n’ Rollin Fixe Club (Paris)
28th – (tie) Team Sparton (Lyon)
28th – (tie) Downham Allstars (London)
30th – Broken Legs (Rouen)
31st – (tie) 3 Less Horse (Oxford)
31st – (tie) Cambridge 2 (Cambridge)

And a video and another.

Midnight Madness da’ Dos

Midnight Madness 2
24 Hour Scavenger Hunt
April 4th, 2009
New York, New York

Saturday April 4th…
Registration at 6:00- 7:00ish… Race will start 7:00-8:00 ish
start:To be announced… tomorrow
end: To be discovered
tons of prizes this year, and booze and strippers… $5 per person…

“we are throwing an all night scavenger hunt/ team race. Teams of 3-5 people will race, wrestle, master blast, and figure out crazy riddles in order to find all the checkpoints and make it to the finish line to win big. This will be an all-night balls to the wall extravaganza.”

Queens Rink

I found this spot while doing a run out to Queens. It’s North of Flushing and not very far off the last stop of the 7 train. I talked to some Parks employees doing clean up about how much use the space gets. They said it does not get heavily used during the week. As for the weekends, they couldn’t say because they don’t work weekends. I think it might be worth the trek one day.

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Holy Crap! Bike Polo in China!!

Follow the link to a lot more short clips of the day. And it looks like there are 50 or 60 people there!! WTF.

The Desert Polo Invite

polo flier!!
The Desert Polo Invite
Bike Polo Tournament
April 25th, 2009
Phoenix, Arizona

More info:

April Fools NYC


April Fools Anything Goes
Alley Cat
April 1st, 2009 (start 7:00pm)

Melbourne bike polo makes the TV news

NYC Qualifiers for the Cog Tournament

This is from the site and written by Adam Staudt. It only pertains to NYC players. I’m posting it here for anyone from NY who does not yet know about it.


As some of you know, and others of you don’t know, we decided to hold a qualifier within our club to determine the team which will be given the outstanding invite we have to the Milwaukee COG Tournament, which is happening June 6th & 7th.

The first thing we need is to determine who is going to contend for this and participate in the qualifier. The format will be double round-robin, with each team playing two matches against every other team. Match format is 15 minutes, -no- score limit (so run it up, don’t be shy). 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 for a loss. The first place team gets the invite. If two or more teams are even on points at the end, goal differential (NOT head-to-head points earned) is the first tiebreaker… so use those 15 minutes and score a lot of goals.

Teams which intend on contending for this thing need to announce their intention to Ken Stanek or to Adam Staudt by Friday, March 27. That’s one week from now, so you have one Sunday, one Tuesday, and one Thursday practice session to sort yourselves out.

The date for the qualifier is Sunday, April 5 during the normal Sunday pickup sessions. Time is still a little bit TBD as a result of the Trackstar 24-hour race the previous day, but will likely be 3:00pm at the earliest and 5:00pm at the latest. If you have a team and you absolutely can’t play that day, we -may- be able to shift days and get all your games in against all the other teams. Every effort will be made, so if you have a solid team but can’t make it that day, let us know anyway and we’ll get it sorted.

p.s. if you’re going to try to qualify for this thing, please make sure all your teammates can actually travel and play at the tournament. Our club wants to make a good showing at this thing, so let’s be as professional as we can (I know, that’s not much, but let’s try not to half-ass it -that- much, okay?) about it.

That’s it. Stop reading and start practicing.

Co-Ed Spring Fling!

Co-Ed Spring Fling
Bike Polo Tournament
April 18th – 19th, 2009
Rush Rink – Washington, DC

A first in bike polo tournaments, (as far as I know) teams required to consist of men and women. I’m in!

More info: Co-Ed Spring Fling!

18 teams from NYC, MAD, RVA, Ottawa, FL, N.O., OH, CHI,

Winners: “Triple Good Corporation” Jill, Chombo, Doug (Mad/NYC/NYC)

2nd place: “Brooklyn Bruisers” Mya, Nick, Ian (RVA)
3rd place: “Toast” Jen, Alexis, Robbie (Ottawa)