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Kremin's new polo bike

I got an email from Drew over at Ben’s Cycle about Eric’s new ride, the Milwaukee S-700.
Kremins MKE polo bike

Looks pretty polo ready, MBC frame and fork, MBC 48 spoke wheelset, MBC Pologuard. And it looks like he can even pack a lunch & carry it to the polo court. Kremin tell us about this beast!

BMW After Test Paint

Brooklyn Machine Works
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I have been really lazy about doing this site lately. I’ve taken a slight break from polo, I’ve played about 4 times since the NYC in Madison tournament. But I am looking forward to a full summer of bike polo this year. Anyway, I updated the Tournaments page as well as post five new polo tournament fliers. And this is a photo of that same Brooklyn Machine Works I was playing on in Madison, the same one I posted a photo of in it’s unpainted/raw state. This is just a test paint. I sprayed it with cans of Montana Gold just to see if the idea would look good on the bike. Later it’ll undergo a more professional painting or powder coating to copy this, or maybe something else.

Sydney Bike Polo Open

Sydney hardcourt bike polo open

Sydney Bike Polo Open
Hardcourt bike polo tournament
March 15th, 2009
Sydney, Australia

More info at Melbourne Bicycle Polo Club


Winners: Team SCS (Damon, Woric, Clint)

2nd place: Team Coopers (Smokin’ Joe, Pete, Alex)
3rd place: Team Suicidal Pony (Mex, Mitch, Jen)
Best New Player: Jen

European Cycle Messenger Championship Berlin 2009

polo ecmc logo sm

European Cycle Messenger Championship
Hardcourt bike polo tournament
May 28th – June 1st, 2009
Berlin, Germany

More info:

There is a lot going on here not just polo. Please check out the info link to see more of what this is about!


Winners: Geneva
2nd place: Munich
3rd place: Berlin

2009 Hardcourt Bike Polo World Championships

hardcourt bike polo world championship

2009 Hardcourt Bike Polo World Championships
Hardcourt bike polo tournament
September 5th – 6th, 2009
Philadelphia, PA


2009 World Champions: “Smile” Leon, Dustin, Seabass (Seattle)

2nd Place: “Balls Deep” Rory, Chris, Pieter (East Van)
3rd Place: “Faceless Emotion” Paul, Zach, Doug (NYC)

4th: Wisconsin A (Jon A, Matt H, BriBri)
5th/6th: Ottawa (Coach / Ange / Alexix) and RVA (JT Nick Ian)
7th/8th: Madbikepolo (Jonny Ben Kev) / NYC/Philly (Chris R, Alex, Capriotti)

One court was a hockey rink, and two were made of bales of hay covered in trash bags with coro-plast spray glued on to act as boards. The entry fee was $120 US per team. 48 teams.

Two Timers Valentines Day Polo Tournament

two timers hardcourt bike polo

Two Timers Valentines 2 on 2
Hardcourt bike polo tournament
Feb. 15th, 2009


Winners: “Concrete Kisses” (Dave & Sarah)
2nd place: “Bovine Snares” (Brendan & Scott)

20 teams. Round-robin in a double elimination finals

Oregon Bicycle Polo Tournament

portland hardcourt bike polo

Oregon “little beirut” Bicycle Polo Tournament
Hardcourt bike polo tournament
March 7th – 8th, 2009
Portland, Oregon

More info

This is being called a championships on the flier, but as many of you know I can’t support just any ol’ tournament calling it’s self a championships. Maybe if it means what it says and is supposed to be a championship of Oregon. Either way, it’s just a tournament. And I bet it’ll be awesome. The “big” tournaments are good if there is one or two a year, it’s the smaller tournaments that I’m liking more. Not as much pressure, more of a relaxed feel. Anyway hope this one goes well, I’d be there if it was not so far from where I live.


1st. Ballz Deep (East Van)
2nd. Seattle’s Good Enough (Seattle)
3rd. Portland Sucka Fuks (Portland)

Photos here

Blinky balls

Blinky balls, originally uploaded by Doug D.

Wow! really nice thing to do. Thanks!

Some Florida shit….

ad, originally uploaded by pcola bike polo.

I think I remember what it’s like to play polo in shorts..