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The I Bike MCR 2009 Bike Polo Tournament

I Bike MCR 2009 D.I.Y Grassroots Festival
Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament
April 19th, 2009
Manchester, Lancashire UK

The I Bike MCR 2009 D.I.Y Grassroots Festival takes place from Friday 27th March to Friday 24th April 2009 and as part of it we are holding our annual Bike Polo Tournament.

Teams are welcome from everywhere and the prizes are gonna be great. It will be so great for teams from around the UK and further afield to get together and meet each other, and to play in a city other than London!

If you are from out of town please let us know if you want us to find you a place to stay and how many nights you’ll be staying.

Nes + Dan of I Bike MCR

For more info:
Or contact:

15 teams from France, London, Oxford and Seattle.

NanoAdamZoe (Seattle/MCR/Oxford)
aidenandjasonanddavepoloteaminmcr (London)
MCR Dropouts (MCR)
Team Glob (MCR)
Black Rebel Bike Club (London)
Seattle Supershitheads (Seattle)
Corussk8ordie (Oxford)
Dans tu gueule puceau (Paris)
Guffnuts (MCR)
Sitting Ducks (London)
Malice (London)
Los Conos (London)
The Toffs (Oxford)
Cutters (MCR)
Zombie (London)

Winners: Seattle Supershitheads (Seattle)
2nd place: Malice (London)

Way more HERE

Tournament Announcement from COG mag & MKE Bike Polo

COG mag presents/MKE Bike Polo hosts


COG invitational polo flier

COG Magazine Bike Polo Invite
Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament
June 6th -June 7th, 2009
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Helmets will be required

Yes, this was going to be in Chicago. Now it’s going to be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Same date just 80 miles North.
Invites will be sent/cities will be contacted after the New Year with details.

Invite Round Robin and Double Elimination. Open Division is open to all
with only limited wild card advancement into Sunday’s bracket. Side
events: polocat sight-seeing “race”, shooting and dribbling contests,
and pick up games. Hosted by COG Magazine and Milwaukee Bike Polo. More info, flyers, and invites on their way!

More info soon….

Athens Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament

showdown in the classic city athens bike polo

Showdown in the Classic City
Athens Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament
January 23-25, 2009
Athens, GA

The Hub Bicycles is hosting the Athens 3 vs. 3 Bike Polo Tournament. Group brackets for qualifying, top teams of each group. There will be a meeting of all competitors prior to the start of the event. Please make sure you are in attendance.

We follow standardized Bike Polo Tournament rules:
- 10 minutes of play per game or score to 5.
- Foot down = Tap Out
- Like touches like. Body against body; bike against bike; mallet against mallet.
- No high sticking
- Must hit end of mallet (small end) to score goal. You may pass with side of mallet.
- Ball must go through the goal from field through goal posts to goal.
If a ball goes through backwards, two people must touch the ball before you can score.

Communal mallets will be available for use.
$10 per Bike Polo Team (covers 3 people)

For more info Mallets Of Athens


11 teams.

Winners:  UGA-1 (University of Georgia)

Paris BFF Bike Polo Tournament

Bicycle Film Festival in Paris presents


BFF Polo Tournament
Bike Polo Tournament
Oct. 3rd & 4th, 2009
Paris, France

Hey everyone !
Our next Championship is taking place during the 2009 BFF in Paris.
It will last 2 days :
Oct 3rd : Qualifiers
Oct 4th : Quarter / semi and finals
Location to be determined

More info and flier soon…

This info is new and October 2009 is a good amount of lead time so I’ll suggest to rethink calling this event a “championship” because I wouldn’t want to see you have to re-edit and reprint all your fliers, like London did in 2008, to correctly identify this as a “tournament”.

Best of luck to you, and I hope it’s a success.


I originally posted this 10 months before the tournament dates and those dates got set back a couple weeks to the 17th-18th of Oct. Also the flier changed from the original. I never posted the original because it was boasting “Championship” and personally I disagreed and knew the flier would be re-done or at least re-worded. It was, see it here.

36 teams


1st place: “L’equipe” (Mario, Manuel and Lucas) Geneva
2nd place: “Apologies Accepted” (Marc & Louis David, Adam ) Paris/MCR
3rd place: “Poloholics Toros” (Pablo, Eddy, Andreas) Munich

Messengering X-Mas

Messengering X-mas
Photo © Doug D 2008

My Pink Polo Bike

pink IRO hardcourt polo bike 1

pink IRO hardcourt polo bike 2

Pink IRO hardcourt polo bike 3 milwaukee bicycle Co pologuard guard

Note: New 48 spoke wheels from Milwaukee Bicycle Co.

All Photos © Doug D 2008

King Kog is Moving

King Kog Brooklyn moving

King Kog
455 Graham Av.
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Big news! We will be closed December 28th-January 1st.

Open in new location January 2nd! Opening party to be announced!

LA Bike Polo

Bike Polo By Lee Diskin

Bike Polo from Bicykiller on Vimeo.

    Bike Polo Tournament held in Los Angeles, CA. Teams from all across the country came out to represent.
    Alex Tallcans organized the event with tons of help from LA Brakeless, Chrome, and many other sponsors.Music: “Every Direction is North” by El Ten Eleven

Bike Polo РParis Champs De Mars 14 D̩cembre 2008

Bike Polo – Paris – 14/12/2008
by Androsky Knauer

    Bike polo with fixed gear bikes in Paris – Champs de Mars
    Sunday 14th december

Chub Hubs at Trackstar


No, I don’t expect any bike polo players to roll this hub set on the court. But that don’t mean they ain’t pretty. To read a review on this product visit and to buy some visit TrackstarNYC. And if your looking for some good hubs for bike polo, visit Milwaukee Bicycle Co. and take a look at the 48 spoke hubs.