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Anthem Magazine Bike Polo

About two months ago Anthem Magazine did a piece on New York bike polo. Someone has scanned the pages and put them on Flickr. So if you didn’t get a chance to see it then, here it is now. Thanks chicken strip.

Seen on trackosaurus rex

Even more options in Milwaukee's Pologuard

Bike Polo ALL IN ONE guard and chainring. Made in the USA! Now in 34 Tooth!

• The gear ratios – a 34t chainring and the following cogs/freewheels gets you this assortment of gear inches…

  • 12t – 76.5”
  • 13t – 70.6”
  • 14t – 65.6”
  • 15t – 61.2”
  • 16t – 57.4”
  • 17t – 54.0”
  • 18t – 51.0”
  • 19t – 48.3”
  • 20t – 45.9”
  • 21t – 43.7”

• The gear ratios – a 35t chainring and the following cogs/freewheels gets you this assortment of gear inches…

  • 12t – 78.8”
  • 13t – 72.7”
  • 14t – 67.5”
  • 15t – 63.0”
  • 16t – 59.1”
  • 17t – 55.6”
  • 18t – 52.5”
  • 19t – 49.7”
  • 20t – 47.3”
  • 21t – 45.0”
  • 22t – 43.0”

Or, to see all the gear inch options in order

  • 43.0” with 35T & 22t
  • 43.7” with 34T & 21t
  • 45.0” with 35T & 21t
  • 45.9” with 34T & 20t
  • 47.3” with 35T & 20t
  • 48.3” with 34T & 19t
  • 49.7” with 35T & 19t
  • 51.0” with 34T & 18t
  • 52.5” with 35T & 18t
  • 54.0” with 34T & 17t
  • 55.6” with 35T & 17t
  • 57.4” with 34T & 16t
  • 59.1” with 35T & 16t
  • 61.2” with 34T & 15t
  • 63.0” with 35T & 15t
  • 65.6” with 34T & 14t
  • 67.5” with 35T & 14t
  • 70.6” with 34T & 13t
  • 72.7” with 35T & 13t
  • 76.5” with 34T & 12t
  • 78.8” with 35T & 12t

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Use the Milwaukee Pologuard with the cranks you want!

Polo Guard Fitment – Any 110bcd Crankset

We have had some questions about the Polo Guard only fitting on Sugino XD cranksets with the Sugino’s proprietary offset spider arm. Although we did design the PG/XD system for our own reasons; it is not the end all.
As the above image illustrates, the PG can be mounted on any 110bcd crankset. Simply changing the location of the ring to the inside of the spider (seen in top section of image) instead of the outside as the XD system was designed (lower section).
The top section with the two Sinz cranks (front and back view) show the PG mounted in this fashion. The Sinz crankset is for illustration purposes only, any 110bcd crank can be used (FMF, FSA, Fly Racing, AC Racing, BulletProof, etc.).
A longer BB will have to be used with any crankset other than a Sugino XD. Although crank/spider offsets vary from crankset to crankset. With the PG mounted to the Sinz crankset seen above, we used a 68x113mm bottom bracket and got a 41mm chainline.

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November 9th, 2008 NYC

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 chrystie broome

A lot of guests in The Pit this week.
Nick from Boston
Yorgo from London
Leon the Great is still kicking it on the East Coast
Marco rolled up from Philly
Chris and Tiff from Lexington
And our winged friend too

What else happened…
Chombo got a new Seagull “¡VIVA!” backpack
Zach forgot his sleeves
Jack cracked his Bridgestone
Some friends from Mash and Macaframa hungout
Prolly and old what’s his name too
Frank said something about how nothing is real, this world is a dream, and gear ratios are meaningless.
And the Hua Mei Bird Garden people are staying longer in the afternoon.

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 traffic

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 chris quinn

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 yorgo chase

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 nick

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 chris zach

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 yorgo reaches

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 Leon

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 group
All Photos © Doug D 2008

Yorgo's polo bike

Yorgo hardcourt polo bike full

Yorgo polo bike 2

Yorgo polo bike 3

All Photos © Doug D 2008


I don’t have much info about this one, just that I found it on Youtube and that it’s about hardcourt bike polo in New York City.

Makino Track Frame

I like to photograph bikes, not just polo bikes. This one is for sale at TrackstarNYC.

Makino Ultra Record 2000 (view large)
Trackstar Makino track bike HBP

Photo © Doug D 2008

The Real Ratkiller

Over the years this friend of The Pit has made a few appearances during our polo games and I’ve been lucky enough to have my camera in hand. This past Sunday I think my luck could not have got much better because until this week, I have not shot any photos with my “good” camera with the big lens since the NACCC. For some reason I brought it along and I’m glad I did.

Hawk of SDR Feb. 11, 2007
SDR Hawk 2-11-2007

Hawk of SDR Feb. 24, 2008
SDR Hawk 2-24-2008

Hawk of SDR Nov. 9, 2008
SDR Hawk 11-9-2008
All Photos © Doug D 2007, 2008

Chombo's polo bike

Chombo polo bike 1

Chombo polo bike 2

Chombo polo bike 3

All Photos © Doug D 2008