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NSPI 2008 (photo recap part 2)

The 2008 North Side Polo Invite Bike Polo Tournament in Ottawa, Canada.
bike polo NSPI 2008 spoke cards

NSPI bike polo 2008 pologuard in box

NSPI bike polo 2008 trophy

NSPI bike polo 2008 paul helmet mallets grass

NSPI bike polo 2008 bent valve stem

NSPI bike polo 2008 players area

NSPI bike polo 2008 dennis to pink bike

NSPI bike polo 2008 crossword spokecard

NSPI bike polo 2008 zap t shirt

NSPI bike polo 2008 alexis desk work

NSPI bike polo 2008 kremmin sits

NSPI bike polo 2008 jarrett chris

NSPI bike polo 2008 steelwool tent

NSPI 2008 brian goldsprint

NSPI bike polo 2008 zach goldsprint

NSPI bike polo 2008 jarrett goldsprint

NSPI bike polo 2008 pellegrino trash can

NSPI bike polo 2008 nyc crowd deli

NSPI bike polo 2008 kiss lp wheel cover

NSPI bike polo 2008 unplugged mallet

NSPI bike polo 2008 my gear

All Photos © Doug D 2008

NSPI 2008 (photo recap part 1)

The 2008 North Side Polo Invite Bike Polo Tournament in Ottawa, Canada. Hosted by The Mallets Of Mayhem, enjoyed by all.
bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_3918

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4257

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4302

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_3915

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4168

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4066

NSPI 2008 IMG_4210

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4339

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4185

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4154

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_3936

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4150

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4114

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4139

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4130

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4423

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_3984

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4120

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4180

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4058

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4097

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4397
All Photos © Doug D 2008

Six months ago

February Polo

February Polo, originally uploaded by nycbikepolo.

Chombo playing bike polo in The Pit on Feb. 10th, 2008

I'm In, Who's With Me?

les assassins des fauteils rollents v. mother's baby snakes in quarter's

les assassins des fauteils rollents v. mother’s baby snakes in quarter’s, originally uploaded by max.pritikin.

I really like this photo. Lief is sweeping around the goal and that’s me in pursuit during the North Side Polo Invite. Later in the event Lief took a spill and caught his calf on his exposed chainring after his rear wheel malfunctioned and caused him to crash. Yesterday here in New York, Leif joined us for our weekly Thursday night game. I didn’t get any photos but I had a chance to talk with him about things like the upcoming polo events, the Milwaukee Polo Guard, Madison, New York and some other stuff, I don’t know where I was going with all this I just wanted to…. Oh yeah! I never got to ask, what the hell was up with your team name??

ECMC Bike Polo on Hobnox Channels

Thanks Strom for sending me this link. Follow it to a 4 min 50 second video about the polo event at this years European Cycle Messenger Championship.


ECMC 2008 BIKE POLO on Hobnox Channels.

Terrible Twos

terrible twos polo flier

Terrible Twos
Bike Polo Tournament
August 23rd, 2008
Vancouver, Canada

Two on Two. Fun as hell!
10:00am sharp
Strathcona Park, Vancouver, B.C.
$5 per player ($10 a team)
Prizes in many categories!
Party following the tournament

For more info contact Martin, mrmartinhauck (rat) hotmail (period) com

21 teams

Winners: “Seattle Stars” (Soren and Leon)- Seattle
2nd: “Aces High” (Martin and Alex) – East Van
3rd: “2 Live Crew” (Adam and Ken)- East Van
4th: “Triplets of East Van” (Bob, Faron, Lisa – rotated) – East Van
5th: “Team Helmet” (Lee and Ryan) – Victoria
6th: “All Balls No Joint” (Rory and Justin) – East Van
7th: “Gruesome Twosome” (James and Lora) – East Van
8th: “Coolest Guys Ever” (Justin and ?) – Calgary

Polo Helmet

Paul with bike polo face guard helmet

If you were at the 2008 North Side Polo Invite this past weekend or played in pickup games at The Pit in the last couple weeks you might have seen this already. This is not an out-of-the-box bike polo helmet, Paul made this himself. Pretty simple really, acquiring the helmet (protec classic full cut water) and face shield (Oakley 42-000) separately, he just trimmed the shields lower corners with a ban saw and mounted it with some chainring bolts after drilling a few holes.

Since 2005 I have never played bike polo with any more “protective gear” than a pair of gloves but after seeing this I think I might make one for myself. I know the chance of getting hit in the head is out there and really at the level of play this sport is getting up to, more gear is getting smarter and smarter.

Photo © Doug D 2008

Double Drive Bike

Legit – Double Drive Bike – Polo/Street

This bike was thrown together primarily as an experiment to see if it was possible, much because I had all of the parts sitting around. It is not without purpose however, since a 4 mile ride to the Allston (Boston) polo court on a 34-18 gear ratio leaves something to be desired. This bike will make it possible to ride a street gear to the court and then play on polo gearing after a quick switch of chains.

Brick Lane Bike Polo & Smeear