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More Old Bike Polo In the Media

 Cyclists Maneuver Galloping Bikes in Novel Polo Match

Bike Polo, originally uploaded by fixedgear.

Burlington Free Press article on Bike Polo

Burlington Free Press
Saddle up for bike polo
By Lauren Ober
August 27, 2008

… There have been many incarnations of bike polo in Burlington, but this summer’s Wednesday night pickup league is unique for its longevity and the fact that it’s being played on a hard court rather than grass.

Although the game has its roots in the New York City bike messenger scene, everyone is welcome to play in Burlington, regardless of type of bike or riding experience. The three-on-three games are free-for-alls for anyone with a bike and a willingness to learn. …

See it HERE

Thanks LG for the plug about

Bike polo steering wheel

Check this out. It’s from August 1931.

Chicago Gets Air Time

WBEZ 91.5FM did a radio news spot about Chicago Bike Polo.

This weekend Chicago Bike Polo is holding its North American championships. The event will take place in Chicago’s Garfield Park on the tennis courts just south of the field house. According to Chicago Public Radio’s Gianofer Fields if you see them from a distance it looks like the players are floating through the air.

Go to Chicago Public Radio to give it a listen, or they have it transcribed if you just want to read it.

PANIZZO: …To brag a little, I’m probably the best lefty in the world. I can say that with confidence, too, and all the other teams will agree. I hope they all listen to this…they better. The world needs to know.

Bike Polo Photo Book

A bike polo photo book by Robert Griffin was published yesterday. It’s titled Wheeled Horses – Chicago Bike Polo. Apparently it’s 7″x7″ and 42 pages. A pre-view is available online at or just click the image below.

London Bicycle Film Festival 2nd Annual Polo Tournament

Bicycle Film Festival Polo Tournament
Bike Polo Tournament
October 5th, 2008

Second Annual event to support the London edition of Bicycle Film Festival. Free to enter. Email info on flier. Tricks, BMX, competions and more. Afterparty and prizes.

London Bike Polo for more info

Winners: Fabulous French F*ckers
2nd place: Zombie RMY

Dennis's polo bike aka "Double Trouble"

As of August 3rd, 2008.
pink polo bike with two wheel covers miyata NSPI 2008 IMG_4413

dennis from toronto let me photo his polo bike front disc disk wheel NSPI 2008 IMG_4416

NSPI 2008 IMG_4418
All Photos © Doug D 2008

Polo Bike Stickers

polo bike sticker

Ken went to Tour de Polo and brought some back from Seattle, I think he traded some yellow mallet head material for them. I also heard Ken and Fiona won some awesome t-shirts as a furthest traveled prize.

North End Knockout Video

Legit – North End Knockout – Boston Bike Polo Tournament

Boston’s North End Knockout bike polo tournament from December, 2007. Footage from the final match between Virgin Slayers and Everybody Dies.

Berlin Bike Polo in the News

Bikepolo ist neuerdings Trend in Berlin

Follow this link to see the story on Tip-Berlin.