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From the field to the streets

The Western Front does a story about bike polo in Bellingham, Washington.

From the field to the streets
by Stephanie Castillo
Monday, July 14, 2008

They play late at night and usually into the early morning hours as players listen to loud rhythmic music from an old portable stereo that serves as a backdrop against the rattles of bikes and the scraping of mallets against concrete.

Players turned the Bellingham High School parking lot, illuminated by overhead street lights, into a playing field for a rough and tumble game called bike polo.

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And there is a video piece as well.

This story is a bit funny not only because the media continues to brand the game as “urban” about fifteen times, but more so because of the details in the way they play in Bellingham. Such as the guy on the skateboard, the way they deal with foot down, the comparison to adult kickball, and the girl on the trike. But all that’s OK because as Soren Dahlgren said “We play a lot because it’s fun, but our rules are loose,” and “It’s more about playing than it is about playing by the rules.” I say keep it up.

CMWC 2008

You gots to chill…

Now I don't hardly know her

You Better Run

July 6th, 2008 NYC part two

7-6-2008 quinn kev bike polo in the pit nyc

7-6-2008 bike polo in new york city kev johnny al

group playing bike polo on a sunday in the pit 7-6-2008 quinn with ball

7-6-2008 ethan birdseye  two dudes eating ice pops

7-6-2008 some mid west polo guy gets schooled by world champ in a game of bike polo

7-6-2008 street hockey ball rolls in as six bike polo players watch a shot on goal

7-6-2008 kev from the mid west beats johnny for the ball in a game of bike polo

7-6-2008 al falls off his polo bike

All Photos © Doug D 2008

Since I have been posting my photography for friends to see I’ve received a few emails asking for high res versions or just to use a photo on this site and I’ve said yes to everyone, so thanks to everybody that had the courtesy to ask. It’s my pleasure.

Southie Summer Tourney

boston southie summer bike polo tourny tournament 2008
Original flier here

Southie Summer Tourney
Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament
Boston, Mass.
July 12th, 2008
Double Elimination
Register at 11 am start at Noon

July 13th, 2008
Grudge Matches! and pick up games
Starts at Noon

More info to come…
or contact Boston Bike Polo


Winners: “Coque Bloquers” (Alexis, Robbie, Jen) Ottawa

2nd Place: “Judas and the Betrayers” (Nick, Tyler, Jav) Boston

3rd Place: “Steel Horsemen” (Dennis, Sean, Ian) RVA
Also heard NYC (Paul, Quinn, Brendan) got fourth. And that another NYC/?? team, that might have done well, played really badly. hmmm.

"Polo Bike"?

“Polo Bike”?, originally uploaded by cricketpress.

Brian in Lexington sent me a link to this photo of a no name kids 20″ cruiser bike with the words “polo bike” on the chain guard. I think it was at a swap meet in Kentucky. Seems interesting enough, I like the pedals and that looks like a good ratio. Has anyone else seen one of these?

Ramsay Bowl 2008

ramsay bike polo tournament poster calgary 2008

Ramsay Bowl 2008
1st Annual Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament
September 12th – 14th, 2008
Calgary, Alberta

For more info Calgary Hardcourt Bike Polo

Winners: “An East Vancouver team”

The Origins of Los Marcos

Shrouded in mystery, Los Marcos Polos arrived in New York City, dominating the world of bicycle polo. This film, created from archival footage, explains only a fraction of how these mortal creatures came to dominate this burgeoning culture.