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East Vs. West, East Wins World Title!

I’m exhausted, but I want to throw a few things up, just for now. More later.
First I’d like to thank Brian of Mallets Of Mayhem polo club and Pieter of East Van Bike Polo for all the hard work to make the Bike Polo Tournament at the Cycle Messenger World Championship happen. Good work guys!
Second, I’d like to thank Trackstar NYC for sponsoring me to participate in the CMWC and Red Bull for giving cases and cases of product and being our polo team, and others, travel sponsor by paying for our rental van. Thank you!
Thank you again to everyone who took the time to let me photograph them.
Also I’d like to say that Fuji Bikes, PAC Designs, Crumpler, Trackstar NYC, and R.E.Load Baggage all hooked it up for polo prizes.

Now the results as I remember them.


World Hardcourt Bike Polo Champions: “Doug and the Darlrymples” aka Banned in DC (Paul, Zach, Doug) NYC

2nd Place: “Balls Deep” (Rory, Chris, Pieter) East Van
3rd Place game was not played. Tie(?) between “Sweet Thunder” (Kev, Jonny, Ben) Madison, and “Milwaukee Mugshotz” (Joe, Crandall, Jake) Milwaukee

Main Race:
Winner: Shino Chikura, (Rider #154) Meguro-ku, Japan

I did take quite a few photos they will be worked on after I get some sleep.

Thanks, Doug D

"20" A Two AM Photo Project

bike polo mallets mallet pile ski poles
OK, ten are not yet built and a couple are retired but two more are tied to my bike at the shop and I gave Brad two mallets last week and I have a few more blanks not in the photo because 10+10=20 and 20 is a good number.

And no, I can’t sleep. I’m going to Worlds in a few hours, too excited.

Polo Players Going To Worlds

I got a good response to the photo set I did of players from the NYC BBQ Tourny. So I want to try to do the same at CMWC. Basicly I want to find a spot good enough and have each individual player, with their bike and mallet, stand for a quick photo. All I’ll ask for is your name and the city you represent, stand however you like. I’ll make a photo set of all the players and their names for everybody to look at and maybe help remember names for the next time we all meet.
Pretty simple.
Of course if I ask and you’re not interested, just say so. I’ll be OK with that too.
If you haven’t seen the BBQ Players set, I have them on Flickr.

Thanks in advance,
Doug D

Ben's polo bike

As of May 25th, 2008

IMG_0318 Bens polo bike 1

IMG_0321 Bens polo bike 2

IMG_0322bens polo bike 3
All Photos © Doug D 2008

June 1st, 2008 NYC

It’s been a few days so I don’t remember it all but I know The Pit was host to a wide range of players from all over the world due to the Bicycle Film Festival. Philly, Arizona, Baltimore, Vienna, Germany, London, and I think a Canadian too.
And some of the stickball players stopped by to watch a couple games, I talked to them for a bit and found out that they are playing on a real ball field close to the river and they like it a lot.

6-1-2008 grace bike polo

sam miller 6-1-2008 marco bike polo

6-1-2008 super riser bike polo

6-1-2008 peter bike polo

6-1-2008 tony fast marco sam miller bike polo

6-1-2008 Max knight from london plays bike polo

6-1-2008 stick ball players watch bike polo

All Photos © Doug D 2008

The Future Of Bike Polo

The Future Of Bike Polo a photo set by mrfixedgear

Alexis took some shots of the younger kids in Ottawa playing bike polo. When he told me about it he said he was interested in hearing from other cities to see if they have had any similar experiences with kids taking up the game.
So have any of the big kids let the little kids play?

See the rest of the set by mrfixedgear 

NYC Courier Classic

NYC courier classic trackstar red bull race
NYC Courier Classic
July 12th, 2008
New York City

We are super stoked on this event! July 12. 4 hours to complete as many manifests as you can, individual racers and teams. Free booze afterwards and $1000 in cash prizes, and other prizes.

Visit TrackstarNYC for more info.


IMG_1084 Brendan bike polo

This is Brendan. One of New York’s, and bike polo in general, best players.
I go to as many bike polo tournaments as I can and almost every second of the events I’m at you can find me with either a mallet, my camera or a Red Bull in my hand. But for The New York Round Robin ect. Polo Tourny I really only took a few shots. I still wanted to get something to capture the weekend and I did get some action shots but I was most pleased with the individual shots of the players with their bike in the street by The Pit. I didn’t want to break any new ground I just wanted to get a shot of all players willing with the interest of putting names to the faces and mostly just doing something quick so I could spent some time hanging out and not watching the games through a lens. I tried to get everyone and I almost did. I kept notes with peoples names next to the image number in the camera and looked at who I knew I had a few times to be sure I got everyone. After a couple hours I thought I did, so I put my camera away and hung out in the park and played some bike polo and had lots of fun like everybody else. It wasn’t till the next night after it was all over and I was nearly done uploading the shots that I re did my math. 17 teams and I had photos of 51 people. I skipped myself. One person declined and I included 3 friends of NYC Bike Polo but not players in the tournament, I even got Yorgo literally seconds before he jetted out. I still had a feeling I missed one.

I did, Brendan, my damn teammate is the one I forget. Our team name was BRENDAN’S TEAM for Christ sake. I don’t know how, but it happened, and it just goes to show how laid back and mellow the kid is. Damn good polo player, Brendan has been playing bike polo in New York since nearly the start of this wave of players. The thing that makes me happy about our win is that Brendan got a new wheel set. See, Brendan is so low key that he has just one bike and he needed new wheels. Most NYC players have a second bike for polo, but Brendan’s polo bike is his everyday bike and he plays a lot of polo. So Brendan I’m sorry I skipped you and thanks for letting me take your photo a week late.
Those prize wheels look good!!

And Thanks to Steelwool Bicycles for the Hubs, Velocity for the rims and TrackstarNYC for the spokes and wheel builds. Three 36 hole wheel sets were given as top prize.

Bicycle Film Festival 2008 Street Party

After racing the Bridge Battle 4, and after watching the Manhattan Polo Classic, and before seeing the messenger program, I hung out at the BFF street party and took some photos of bikes and bike riders.

Jessica and bike BFF

John Prolly wheelie BFF

punky and victor BFF

Dylan and crowd BFF

Brooklyn Machine Works anson wellington wheelie BFF

sam miller fixed bike handle bar racers BFF

Tom LaMarche riding tony fast BFF

heather loop speaker bikes BFF
All Photos © Doug D 2008

Toronto Update

This is how the CMWC tournament is looking. We are now ten days away. If you have not registered yet do it now! This listing is by geographic region and not how you will be sorted in the pools for qualifying. This will be done randomly, I will try to keep teams from the same areas from having to play each other to a minimum. I will post the schedule on Thursday night June 12 at 9 pm so you will know when your matches begin. Please keep inmind that all inquiries concerning the CMWC event should be done through there respective contacts. For questions regarding the tournament play I can be reached through the email. Or by phone until June 5 at (613) 233-xxxx

Contact Leah for registration , Shane for housing (416) 677-xxxx housing@cmwc2008.comThe CMWC will announce where the registration headquarters is. Check their website for that.

When you get to Toronto, the polo base is at Bathurst and Dundas please stop by for pick up polo and polo tourney registration information. Scaddingcourt has been rented for Friday starting at 3pm. 707 Dundas St. West Toronto, Ontario, here is a map

If you really can’t figure it out. Call (416) 606-xxxx

Games are starting at 10 am. On Saturday. So get to the Island on time.



ps this is pending confirmation from some but give or take a couple of teams should be pretty accurate.


Sault Ste.Marie
Washington DC


PDX Oregon