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Best Bike Polo Analogy Question?

Best Bike Polo Analogy Question? (as suggested by Lucky)

Bike polo, as we play it (little Beirut rules) is most like…

A. Hockey.

B. Soccer.

C. Horse Polo.

D. It’s own thing.

E. Basketball.

If you’d like to leave a comment please note the city where you play. Thanks.

channel27news report about MWBPC IV on Youtube

4th Biannual Midwest Bike Polo Champeenships on a Madison, WI local news channel.

Outside Mag, "…Vegas" Movie, & Tech Mallets

On magazine stands right now is the June 2008 issue of Outside Magazine and in it is a small write up about bicycle polo (pg. 30). I wouldn’t go running to check it out if I were you, it’s under researched and poorly written. I am disappointed because one of my photos (as seen on is used and I wish the writing could have been better. It basically says we are “Brooklyn hipsters”, this has been a sport since 2006, mentions the Tour de Polo in Seattle, and closes with “We give the trend six months before it’s as tired as kickball”. Then the photo, then a cute list of “More polo pretenders” and compares us to Segway polo and elephant polo, among others.
I was not in contact with the writer, Sarah Pratt, I only spoke to the associate photo editor so I knew little about the writing before hand. I might have told her that having a rolled-up pant leg does not make someone a “hipster”. That word is about the same as “amazing” in my book, over-used, used inaccurately, and boring. I would have also told her that bike polo on a hard court has been going on for quite a few years more than since 2006 but maybe that was a type-o. What wasn’t a type-o is the crack about kickball and being a six month trend. Hey, Sarah, In about six months from now is Los Marcos Madness bike polo tournament in New York City. I invite you to come to NYC for the weekend and witness first hand, what bike polo is, because it seems like you wrote your bicycle polo piece after making two five minute phone calls and Googleing other forms of polo.

In theaters now is a movie titled What Happens In Vegas. It’s a love story/comedy with “Cameron and Ashton” and most of the story takes place in New York. Anyway, some of the NYC Bike Polo players were cast to do a bike polo scene. A group of us went to see it last night and it was cool to see my friends on the big screen playing bike polo. But again, I wouldn’t go running to see it. It’s a ten second scene of hard to follow, grass polo action. We saw the faces but I thought it was hard to even tell what was going on. And if I remember correctly, no mention of bike polo in any other part of the movie. But ten seconds of bike polo in a big movie is still pretty cool.

And last, I’m just going to mention that this past Sunday Terra brought 3 prototype mallets made of new materials. From what I know so far is that a relative made them in his shop and they are supposed to be very strong. Paul, Zach and myself got one each but they were not yet wrapped so we didn’t play with them. We’ll be testing them soon and I’ll have more info and spy photos up later.

Paul's polo bike

A Frejus road frame that’s this close from being retired (LOOK AT MY FINGERS!! THEY’RE TOUCHING!)

You like those 48′s? One of three wheel sets given by Steelwool Bicycles, at the 2007 North Side Polo Invite to the winners.
I hope Paul will tell us more about this bike I know he likes so much.

Photos taken April 6th, 2008

Paul's ride 1

Paul's ride 2

Paul's ride 3

All Photos © Doug D 2008

"It's My Park! Day" in New York City, May 17th

Twice a year Partnerships for Parks celebrates “It’s My Park! Day” and the next one is this Saturday, May 17th. This is a five boroughs event, with projects involving planting, painting, restoration, and clean up efforts at over 150 parks.

The Sara D. Roosevelt Park is home to NYC’s best bike polo court and is also in need of volunteers. Johnny Midwest is organizing any who want to be involved. “We’ve been asked to participate by helping neighborhood kids paint a mural at the Hester St. Playground.” In just a few hours you can do a lot for the community and the image of New York Bike Polo.


photo borrowed from

On my ride to The Pit

Just about every Sunday I ride my polo bike nice and slow, from Bed-Stuy, and over the Williamsburg Bridge. Then I coast down the other side into Manhattan on my way to The Pit.
Williamsburg Bridge bike path

Photo © Doug D 2008

Al's polo bike

As of April 6th, 2008
Al's ride 1
Al's ride 2
Al's ride 3

All Photos © Doug D 2008

Brad's polo bike

As of April 6th, 2008
Brads polo bike 1

Brads polo bike 2

Brads polo bike 3
All Photos © Doug D 2008

Fiona's polo bike

As of April 6th, 2008
Fiona's ride 1
Fiona's ride 2
fiona's ride 3

All Photos © Doug D 2008

May 3rd, 2008 Madison, WI part two

4th Biannual Midwest Bike Polo Champeenships

bike polo ben-squished.jpg








I love Madison. I love Wisconsin.
I’ve had a few days for my thoughts to settle and still, this past weekend was start to finish top-knoch. Only about one quarter of my time in Wisconsin was spent playing bike polo, the rest was just good times. It started pre-dawn Saturday morning in NYC, get in the car to the airport and fly to MKE where I later heard that about six people were calling each other back and forth to be sure that Julie and I had a ride to the Thunderdome. At the airport I got a text from Jake of MKE to meet at the baggage claim in 15 min. Right on time a pair of blue and yellow knee high socks walks in the the building and guides us to our ride. I was surprised to see a white Jaguar XJ6 at the curb but no big deal, Jake gets in the passenger side and Julie and I take seats in the back. Not before I can close the door behind me Cody turns from the drivers seat to greet me with a handshake. Needless to say we had a nice ride to the courts and we were all in the mood for some polo.
We got to the Thunderdome in plenty of time. Just Coffee had coffee set up for the players, and that was great because it was cold, windy and about to rain. The snack table was a good choice as well.
Ten teams made it to Mad, and I gathered up with the two Chicago players I was on a team with, Ben and Joe. We played well, Ben and Joe worked together in the forward and I stayed back most of the time letting them do their thing with passing and shooting. As a team we did pretty good, we lost a game to MKE in the group play, and the only other loss was the second game of the final. By then the weather had turned for the… prefect. I was about to ask Kev for some sunscreen.
Joe of MKE took the hardest hit, into the fence. His forks took the second hardest hit. Best crash award equals a big bottle of Vodka by Deaths Door.

I don’t want to ramble on about polo but I will say I was bummed that no one from Ohio showed up. Also, if I only go to three tournys next year, you can bet I’ll be back to Madison for the Mid-west next spring (or when ever) and ESPI (where ever?) and NSPI, in Ottawa.

A few things to mention about the great state of Wisconsin are,
Dr. Evermor’s sculpture park
The 50 mile ride through the country
Light years ranch
Jonny Hunters cooking
Ben Hunters family
Just Coffee
Monona Lake
The Capitol Building
Yellow Jersey bike shop
Roxbury Taverns pancakes
and, MidWest Airlines warm cookies

Thank you to everyone. I cant wait to be back!