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April 26-27th, 2008 part two

ESPI3 Bike Polo Tournament Washington DC 2008

Bike polo is a full contact sport. Bike on bike, mallet on mallet, and body on body contact is allowable. It’s in the rules. Tournament play is rough, and sooner or later every player will foot-down (or worse) and it might be their own doing, their opponents doing or maybe even from their own teammate.
I’m glad no one was seriously injured this weekend.

bike polo img_8412.jpg

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ESPI3 part one

ESPI3 part three

April 26-27th, 2008 part one

ESPI3 Bike Polo Tournament Washington DC 2008

bike polo hardcourt hard court<br /> bicycle doug d<br /> img_8277.jpg

bike polo hardcourt hard court<br /> bicycle doug d<br /> img_8355.jpg












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ESPI3 Part two

Prince Polo XXL

I’m out the door for ESPI 3 in DC, and I’m bringing snacks for the ride.

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Yesterday and Today

After work yesterday I hopped on the new polo bike and scratched out a spot in Greenpoint to work on some shot drills. I had a paper cup at the edge of a fence and was taking “shots” (chombo knows) from about 12-16 feet out. I was really just burning time, I was waiting on 8:30 so I could go over and buy some ski poles from Halston. She was in CO last week and scored a quiver. Chombo found me and we were both shooting at the small target, almost every shot was within 4-6 inches from the cup, or hit it. Yeah anyway, we still got to Halston’s too soon so we went into the Polish deli right there and got snacks. But, uh, yeah we got some killer ski poles and Guinness cup cakes too! It was sort of a small party. Thank you Halston. After that 5 of us went over to the 3rd Ward and meet up with Jeff Vallee ( and did a little photo shoot of us individually with our polo gear. It was a good time if any players in NYC want to check it out for them selves.

And today after work I went over to Zach and Adam’s new place. Adam aka Adam Menace is to be now be known as Tourette’s. This comes from a story that started with Tourette’s telling Zach and I about how he was the new defenseman for his team (I laughed, to say the least). Tourette’s also told about how when he was younger and in hockey league, if he behaved badly, they would put would put him on defense “because nobody wants to be on defense”. Really I could go on and on about all the things Tourette’s had to say but the best thing was about how his coaches would tell the refs “that kid over there has Tourette’s, so don’t throw him out if he mouths off” “true story” according to Adam, I mean Tourette’s.

So anyway I went over there to build mallets for ESPI 3 this weekend in DC. They had all the tools needed but I still brought my own. I made a total of 5 mallets but one is a gift. They both made a few, it was a mess. Another point where I lost it in laughter was when I realized that all the little tags on each of the full set of spade bits they had laying all over the floor were not price tags, but metric conversions of the 1/2, 5/8, 9/16 that they are stamped with. Maybe you had to be there. Or maybe you had to be me??

Ok now some real info. I got a call from Brian of Ottawa and he had some CMWC updates. Somewhere on the web it’s posted that 18 teams are registered for the polo tourny. Not true, it’s at 38 teams, with 27 of those being named teams right now. Also no teams from London, what’s up with that? He also said that they might extend the $75 on-line reg. fee all the way until day-of, where it then will be $100CA. Check the CMWC site for more info. When I asked who from Ottawa was going to make it to ESPI he said Angelo, Alexis and Robbie are a team and Johnny, Allen and himself are a team. No idea what the team names will be (not “The A-Team” I’m sure) and while I’m spilling some ESPI 3 teams, I’ll be on a team with Paul and Zach, same as NSPI and LMM. And for ESPI 3 our team name is “Banned in DC“.
Oh yeah, Tourette’s is on a team with Dave and Corey. It looks like none of the top 3 teams of ESPI 2 have held together. And reports are that ten cities or more will represent, hard telling how this one will go.?. I’m picturing something like a CBGB’s mosh pit during a Bad Brains show in the early 80′s.

"Little Beirut" Vs. "Urban" Vs. "Hardcourt"

This is barely worth posting about but I want to know what other players think. The West Coast calls it “Little Beirut”, the media always wants to label it as “urban”, and I obviously prefer “hardcourt” (one word). When players talk to other players it’s simply bike polo, but what makes the most sense and sounds the best when explaining the difference between the traditional version of bike polo (cycle polo) and this version we play?

Actually I just wanted to say I can’t stand the word “urban”, it makes us sound like a store in the mall.
I also hate the word “amazing”.

Edit: I also find the Wikipedia page on Urban Cycle Polo to be cluttered and boring. (I didn’t add a link because I don’t want to promote it. Even with it having a photo of mine on the page, blah.)

April 20th, 2008

Some Philly players made the trip to NYC this week to warm up for the ESPI
I spent the day doing “The Angelo” on my new bike
Ken wore a Bat Man t-shirt
Paul took his shirt off
One of the park locals started a chant about how “It’s all Ethan’s fault”
And Andy Ohio was on hand filling in every spare minute with heckling
If ya can’t stand the heat….








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Nishiki II, aka "The GHETTOSPOKE" (Retired)

Nothing lasts forever.
Another loved one did it’s time and had to be taken out of the line of duty. This one really did ride into some memorable victories. But after snapping the drive-side drop out at the chain stay I questioned if her days were done. Then a good friend Al, a master welder, made quick work of the fix and she was back on the court with a strong gallop. I had no doubts that the drive-side drop out at the chain stay is strong enough to go to war, it’s the rest of the frame I was worried about.




The proof

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Burning River Polo & Race

Burning River flyer
Burning River
Race & Bike Polo
May 10, 2008
Cleveland, Ohio

From what I’ve been told and have seen this is hardcourt and BIG ball polo. This will be 4 on 4, teams chosen at random. A race is happening the same day and they have at least two bikes to give away.

For more info see flyer for phone and email contact.
Or Pedal Republik of Cleveland on Myspace.

Nishiki, DEAD and gone

My old polo bike. I broke it, more than once.
Strange how much they are like horses, we ride them hard and before too long we have to put them down.
I miss this one the most. It’s ashes have been spread in a special place.


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April 13th, 2008









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