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Physics Vs. Metaphysics

I have no idea, all I know is polo bikes take a beating.
polo bike 1

polo bike 2

polo bike 3

polo bike 4

polo bike 5
All photos © Doug D

May 14th, 2005 Dayton, Ohio

Writing about my first tournament made me think about my first time to play polo. These photos are a couple weeks after that but close enough.The street hockey rink in Dayton, Ohio is maybe the best court I’ve ever played on. I miss the non-stop rough house play and the rounds of full contact foot-down in between games. Rules were rare and blood was expected.dayton 5/14/2005 hard court bike polo 1

dayton 5/14/2005 hard court bike polo 2

dayton 5/14/2005 hard court bike polo 3

dayton 5/14/2005 hard court bike polo 4

dayton 5/14/2005 hard court bike polo 5

All photos © Doug D 2005

One Year Ago

NYC bike polo one year ago today. Enjoy.3/18/2007 polo-1

3/18/2007 polo-2

3/18/2007 polo-3

3/18/2007 polo-4

© Doug D 2007


East Side Polo Invitational 3
Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament
April 26-27, 2008
Washington, DC

This is the updated flier. for more info.

Last year it was in NYC .

ps. you’re already invited.

Saturday night will be a polocat.
REGISTRATION FEES are set at $30 for each team of three (no exceptions).


Winners, “Banned in DC” Paul, Zach, Doug (NYC)
2nd, “Hoagie Rollers” Alex, Mark, Montana (Philly)
3rd, “Gordon is the Biggest and the Fastest and the Strongest” Kevin, Ben, Jonny (Madison)

Top Prize was three custom “Super Pro” messenger bags by Bailey Works.

Photos, part one, part two. Story on part three.

23 teams with players from DC, Ottawa, Philly, South Jersey, NYC, Baltimore, Madison, Chicago, Milwaukee, Richmond and (any I forgot?)

Timed games played to 5 points. Round robin first day, followed by double elimination finals. In the rain.

Oh Yeah…

So this has nothing to do with polo but there was a race the other day and I got this shot of Crihs of 6Racing as he rolls into the finish. Second place ain’t bad.
monster track 2008

More Press on NYC bike polo

Staten Island Advance
Thursday March 13, 2008
Risk jockeys
by Jodi Lee Reifer
photo by Nicholas Fevelo
photo by Nicholas Fevelo

March 9th, 2008

Daylight savings is nice.
Perfect weather considering that it was dumping rain and huge winds last night.
Good to have guests in The Pit.
Brian of Ottawa, Gus of Boston, Kevin of Madison. Thank you, Good games.
The big question of the day was how to make it fair for everyone when 20+ people are throwing in at the same time? Your guess is better than mine.
Thank Halston for the group photo.
And did I mention that I’m going to Maui for 2 weeks? is now on auto-pilot
3/9/08 bike polo group

3/9/08 bike polo 1

3/9/08 bike polo 2

3/9/08 bike polo 3

3/9/08 bike polo 4

3/9/08 bike polo 5

3/9/08 bike polo 6
All Photos © Doug D 2008

Suzuki Vs. Toyota

suzuki ad polospacertoyota ad
The Suzuki ad is from 1965 and they are playing on motorcycles.

In the 2008 Toyota ad they are playing on grass.

Suzuki wins!

As a side note, months before the Toyota ad came out I remember seeing a listing on craigslist regarding someone wanting to photograph people playing bike polo in the LA area for a Toyota ad. It said they would pay $800. Now, I don’t know if these guys got paid that much or not. Just something to think about.

Monster Track 2007 Vs. Monster Track 2008

monster track 2007 victor
Victor, long time NYC bike messenger and race organizer, is crowded with racers as he hands out manifests for Monster Track 8, a fixed gear brakeless only alleycat held in New York City Feb.17th 2007.

monster track 2007 racers

monster track 2007 start
The start took place at The Pit.

monster track 2007 polo

The next day polo took place in Greenpoint, Brooklyn along with the side events.

That was last year. This year Monster Track (main race) has been cancelled. The side events will still take place but who knows what that means. Polo and the velodrome racing are at the same time but miles apart. And is this famous race a thing of the past…

Only time will tell.

All photos © Doug D