Bikes of Polo

The Joust by Fleet Velo

The Joust is a American made steel frame and fork designed and produced in Waterford, Wisconsin. It is being called “the first production bike frame made for hardcourt bike polo” and comes in five sizes ranging from 43cm to 62cm. It’s made for use with 26″ wheels and all the sizes have a 74.0 Head tube angle. But the rear triangle is spaced to 120mm and fits just up to¬† 1.5″ tires. More frame specifications can be found on the Fleet Velo site.

The Price is $650 for painted frame/fork.

A few times I’ve be able to ride this frame and thought that it’s ride feel is unique and might take some getting used to. But I never really ride 26″ wheels so that may be most of it. A couple of my friends have Jousts and other than tire clearance issues, Chombo and Jonny seem happy with them so far.

Nate's Motobecane polo bike

As of November 15th, 2009
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Great polo bike Nate. No wonder you are getting so good. Now plug that bar end better.

Jarrett's handbuilt polo bike

As of October 5th, 2009
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The list on this bike is long, Hand build frame with some special tandem tubing, Phil 48′s to Velocity B43′s, that Jarrett Smash proof Whippermann 1G8 chain, plastic BMX pedals with Hold Fast straps, King headset, Thompson post, fitted bar end caps.
The only things I see that might not be strong enough is the chainring and the brake lever, and that front wheel disk brake set-up is brave move for polo. I rode this bike and it was really fun.

Fiona's Brooklyn Machine Works polo bike

As of October 10th, 2009
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Fiona has it together. American made steel frame and fork with a single lever to double caliper brake set up, plastic platform pedals and fitted bar end caps. This is much better than her old polo bike.

Johnny's polo bike

As of 11/1/2009
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At least Johnny Midwest has a bag full of band-aids to apply to someones face after he rips it off with his exposed chain ring.

Some of the things I see other than the super risers and a zip-tied toy (what is that from?) is a mix of Velocity B43 and Chukkar rims and a Fyxation Session 700 tire up front. Those 48′s look good now maybe think about a Pologuard.

Chombo's Joust polo bike aka "Yeyo"

As of 11/1/2009
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Chombo joust front wheel

Chombo Joust polo bike drive train

Lief's Polo Bike

Lief hardcourt polo bike full

Lief hardcourt polo bike front wheel

Lief hardcourt polo bike drive train

Jon's Fuji polo bike

As of May 24th, 2009

I know Jon won the Milwaukee Bicycle Co. 48 spoke wheel set at MAD in NYC for MVP aka most goals scored.

Jonny's Joust polo bike

As of September 13th, 2009

Hardcourt bike polo jonny hunter on a breakaway madison

Joey's Surly Travelers Check polo bike