Bikes of Polo

Hayter’s polo bike

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Marc’s Dodici polo bike

As of June 2010

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Joker’s Surly 1×1 polo bike

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Nick’s FBM prototype polo bike

On the way to Madison I shared a bus ride with Nick and we had a conversation about this bike. I was happy to get to see it and watch him ride into a Championship win. All skill of course, but tell me this bike doesn’t look on point. Officially this bike does not have a name yet. From what I understand, it’s a re-worked FBM – Sword. But I think it will get a different name and be marketed, or at least sold as a “polo frame-set”. Nick is calling his Battle Ax.

Some of the things I like are the cantilever mounts, head tube badge and the radial front.

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Birdie’s polo bike

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A Trek T1 seen at Ladies Army II and ESPI 5. Steel fork, Milwaukee Bicycle Co. parts, Velocity rims.

Old school polo bike

My friend Andy sent me this pic.

Corey: Left side drive

The other day Corey broke the shit out of his drive train. Today he was playing on a new one.


Corey’s polo bike

Chandel's polo bike

As of December 6th, 2009
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Corey's polo bike

As of Nov. 29th, 2009
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Jesse's SE 29er polo bike

As of Nov. 15th, 2009
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