Bikes of Polo

Horse Cycles: Polo Bike

A little different than my normal Bikes of Polo because of the limited space at the bike show.

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Chombo’s Joust polo bike revisited

As of April 2011

Previously: Chombo’s Joust polo bike aka “Yayo”

My new BMW V2 polo bike

A new bike! This has most of the components off the old green Brooklyn I was riding the last couple of years. Including the MKE Bruiser S700 -120mm Polo Fork.

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Sara’s polo bike w/ Squarebuilt bars

as of April 3rd 2011

Zach’s 3Rencho polo bike

D.A.M.P. Butterbean polo bike

Seen in Berlin. Handmade in Sweden.

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Crandall’s polo bike

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Drew’s polo bike

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Taka’s Killer polo bike

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Yorgo’s Dodici polo bike

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