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DESTROY, originally uploaded by Doug D.

Jack “Crank” won the 2008 Metal Race II in NYC. This is him outside Trackstar with the top prize, a custom Seagull messenger bag.
By the way, this race (thanks Thom), and Jack, were awesome. If you can’t already tell.

Roller Derby and Bike Polo

Gotham Girls Roller Derby invited NYC Bike Polo to play a game of bike polo during the half time show for the match of The Brooklyn Bombshells versus The Queens of Pain. Zach, Grace and Ken played as a team up against Corey, Chombo and Adam. Blue Vs. Black same as the main event. The exhibition game of bike polo was more than likely played before a record number of spectators, an estimated 1,000 people watched as the loud buzzer marked the start of the game and the roller derby announcer gave the play by play. The single match was about 12 min. long and the final score was unrecorded. But the crowd loved it, cheering and booing. It was awesome. I got a few shots but my indoor photography is not so good.
And roller derby is really crazy to watch. There are some fast and tough skaters out there. Before the half time Queens was stomping on Brooklyn, but after the half, Brooklyn was not down and out. The last half was a true battle and Queens was pressed to keep the lead, even thought the lead was only brought back to something like a 25 point gap. Every second of this flat-track all girl roller derby was keeping me on the edge of my front row seat.
IMG_2945 derby polo

IMG_2927 derby polo

IMG_2995 derby polo

IMG_3150 derby polo

IMG_3070 derby polo

IMG_3038 derby polo

IMG_3040 derby polo

IMG_3103 derby polo

IMG_3126 derby polo
All Photos © Doug D 2008

HellCat NYC, All Girls Alley Cat

An all girls Alley Cat that started and finished at Tompkins Square Park. Can anyone tell me the official results, and total number of racers?
hell cat alleycat spokecard

dagga hellcat

kym hellcat

loop and racers

sasha hellcat

julie loop finish
All Photos © Doug D 2008

Bicycle Film Festival 2008 Street Party

After racing the Bridge Battle 4, and after watching the Manhattan Polo Classic, and before seeing the messenger program, I hung out at the BFF street party and took some photos of bikes and bike riders.

Jessica and bike BFF

John Prolly wheelie BFF

punky and victor BFF

Dylan and crowd BFF

Brooklyn Machine Works anson wellington wheelie BFF

sam miller fixed bike handle bar racers BFF

Tom LaMarche riding tony fast BFF

heather loop speaker bikes BFF
All Photos © Doug D 2008

Manhattan Polo Classic

Veuve Clicquot’s Manhattan Polo Classic on Governors Island was the first polo match in Manhattan in over 70 years. The event paired Black Watch against Asprey London and was free to watch. The match was played three on three and was four chukkas in duration. Johnny Midwest and I made it in time to see the last two chukkas and were the only ones (of the bike polo crowd) who made it to the polo field, although others tried but couldn’t due to weather. We were both very impressed to see the sport first hand, and we had a conversation with another spectator named Akshay (unsure of spelling) who was filling us in on some of the sports details such as the worlds best polo player, Nacho Figueiras, was on the field playing for Black Watch, and some interesting details about the horses. And we might have found a new bike polo player too.

Manhattan polo classic
Mauricio Devrient playing for Asprey London.

Photo © Doug D 2008

Oh Yeah…

So this has nothing to do with polo but there was a race the other day and I got this shot of Crihs of 6Racing as he rolls into the finish. Second place ain’t bad.
monster track 2008

Monster Track 2007 Vs. Monster Track 2008

monster track 2007 victor
Victor, long time NYC bike messenger and race organizer, is crowded with racers as he hands out manifests for Monster Track 8, a fixed gear brakeless only alleycat held in New York City Feb.17th 2007.

monster track 2007 racers

monster track 2007 start
The start took place at The Pit.

monster track 2007 polo

The next day polo took place in Greenpoint, Brooklyn along with the side events.

That was last year. This year Monster Track (main race) has been cancelled. The side events will still take place but who knows what that means. Polo and the velodrome racing are at the same time but miles apart. And is this famous race a thing of the past…

Only time will tell.

All photos © Doug D