Boston Bike Polo Presents: Winter Lockdown

Boston Bike Polo Presents Winter Lockdown
Indoor Bike Polo Tournament
January 15th – 16th, 2011
Saugus, Massachusetts


1st The Guardians Julian, Dustin, Seabastien (seattle)
2nd Cinnamon Rolls Royce Paul, Ian, Mark (NYC/RVA/PHI)
3rd Machine Politics Ben, Joe, Matt (Chicago)

2011 Desert Polo Invite

Desert Polo Invite III
N.A. Qualifier Bike Polo Tournament
January 29th – 30th, 2011
Tempe, AZ

I just caught this in my RSS feed. Seen on the EighthInch site.

The updated flier makes things official. The Desert Polo Invite will be a qualifier for the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships this year. The top 8 teams qualify automatically and will be able to register immediately for the NAHBPC. The 9-12 place finishers will be eligible to register immediately for the NAHBPC Wildcard Tourney. For more info on the tourney take a trip over to The League of  Bike Polo.

Teams on a Google spreadsheet

1. Valleros (LA)
2. Whachadoobin (SEA)
3. Oddballs (SEA)

European Bench Minor

Seen in my rss reader

Sydney Bench Minor

Seen in my rss reader

2010 WHBPC Final

Milwaukee Slayerfest

aka Kremin & Brian’s Tournament


Broadway Bombing 2010

Broadway Bombing 2010 from crihs on Vimeo.

Good race footage from Crihs, and a good song.

Mishka Bike Polo Cup – Taiwan


Are you nasty enough?

NYC’s 10th Anniversary BFF alleycat – Race Against Time

BFF 2010 10th Anniversary alleycat Race Against Time from crihs on Vimeo.

Good race! Not as many alleycats this year as when I first moved to NYC, seems like styling and polo have gained some of that popularity. But this race did have a good turn out. The BFF does attract some people. Anyway, I got 5th, again. I’m cool with that because top 10 get into the BFF messenger shorts program free. And they do prizes on stage before the show. I got made fun of because I borrowed a nice road bike from an old sponsor, Brad Baker, and didn’t win. And some because I had Crihs and JT believing I was going to run a completely alternate route, but that was not the case. We all took the same route, give or take some turns.

Thanks for the edit Crihs!