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 Cyclists Maneuver Galloping Bikes in Novel Polo Match

Bike Polo, originally uploaded by fixedgear.

London Bicycle Film Festival 2nd Annual Polo Tournament

Bicycle Film Festival Polo Tournament
Bike Polo Tournament
October 5th, 2008

Second Annual event to support the London edition of Bicycle Film Festival. Free to enter. Email info on flier. Tricks, BMX, competions and more. Afterparty and prizes.

London Bike Polo for more info

Winners: Fabulous French F*ckers
2nd place: Zombie RMY

Brick Lane Bike Polo & Smeear

Shoreditch Bike Polo Invitational

Shoreditch Bike Polo Invitational, originally uploaded by I’m Roxy dammit.

Shoreditch Invitational & Tour De Hackney
Bike Polo Tournament
August 17th, 2008
Shoreditch, UK

For more info visit London Bike Polo

32 Teams.

Winners, “Bike Polo Munchen” Andreas, Pablo, ? (Munich)
2nd place, “B.A.D Polo” (South London)
3rd place, “The Fabulous French Fu*kers” Ronan, Marc, Zemmour (Paris)

Direct elimination, first rounds were timed, 10 mins then 15 mins. Teams from Paris, Munich, Berlin, Madison WI, deep rural England, and London.

Just An Observation

NYC vs. London


Ed Glazar vs. Bicycle Film Festival

Bike Polo, originally uploaded by edglazar.

Bicycle film festival bike polo
London Bicycle Film Festival 2007

I Bike MCR Bicycle Polo Tournament

I Bike MCR Festival
Bicycle Polo Tournament
April 20th, 2008
Manchester, Lancashire UK

I don’t know much about this one but here is what London Bike Polo has to say about it.

Coming up, after the success of the championship we held in London as part of the Bicycle Film Festival last year, the Manchester lot are trying their hand at putting on a tournament.

The date for the actual tournament is April 20th. They’ve invited teams from Kent and Oxford and there should be a few teams from Manchester. So it leaves London to get some people together to go up. If you are interested in registering a team you can drop them an email at info@ibikemcr.org.uk.

The event is part of a month long festival in celebration of the bicycle in Manchester, there are loads of events happening throughout April, check their website for more info http://www.ibikemcr.org.uk/timetable.htm.

Results: Winners: “The Internationals