2011 Swiss Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship

2011 Swiss Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship
April 2nd 2011

Boston.com: The Big Picture, Winter sports

photo: FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images

Someone sent me a link to this. Many good photos. This one is from January 23, 2011 in Klosters, Switzerland. Follow the link to Boston.com to see lots more.

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European Hardcourt Bike Polo Showdown in Zurich!!

european hardcourt bike polo flier
European Hardcourt Bike Polo Showdown
Bike Polo Tournament
October 18th, 2008
Zurich, Switzerland

This Is the basic info I just received from Strom. More info and flier to come….

Hello European Bike Polo Teams

We’re glad to invite you to the first European Hardcourt Bike Polo Showdown. The Tournament will take place on the 18th of october as a part of the Bicycle Film Festival in Zurich. We have confirmed registration from all over Switzerland, Germany and the U.K. Of course the main challenge will be to beat the current european champion Team Basel. We will play in a big warehouse so you dont have to worry about weather and temperature. Besides Polo and the Movies there will be other Bike Messenger related stuff going on all over the weekend. So we promise that the journey to Switzerland will definitely be worth it. If you’re interested in entering the Bike Polo Tournament please write an email to jerome@thiriet.net to register. More Info and a flyer will be up soon. Check back on fahrradkurier.ch for updates!



For more info http://bikepoloshowdown.wir24.de/

Winners: Team Basel
2nd place: Munich
3rd place: Berlin