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Polo not just for the horsey set any longer
By Post City Staff
July 8th, 2010

ORIGINALLY AN after-hours indulgence for bike messengers looking to log some social time on their seatposts, bike polo is going mainstream and is fast becoming one of the coolest new sports in the city.

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December 3rd, 2009 night polo in NY

After work I played some Thursday night polo in The Pit. Really glad I did because there were plenty of good faces in town. Alexis from Ottawa was doing a brief stop in NYC on his way to Turducken 2 in RVA. Nick from Fort Lauderdale was in some games on a borrowed Nishiki. Matt Lane from Chicago stopped by for a few games. And Kev, was around for one more go around in The Pit. Kev is the person behind the internationally popular forum, The League of Bike Polo. Formerly at bikepolo.ca The League of Bike Polo now has a solid URL. Update your bookmarks/links/RSS feeds to leagueofbikepolo.com

I didn’t have my camera or my polo bike with me so I had to borrow bikes from Tommy and my 29er back from Kev to be able to play. I’m also going to borrow one of Kev’s photos from his Flickr. This is a good example of a hockey net from a court in Toronto.

goalie, originally uploaded by kev_walsh.

Kev told me the name of this rink, it’s the Harry Gairey rink at  Scadding Court in Toronto.

I’m more interested in the goal and it’s width, not so much the height because I think it’s too high. What I am interested in is testing out a wider goal. It seems that hardcourt bike polo is starting to move down the road of universal defination. While I’m not against this in general there is one thing sepcificaly I think should happen: test out different goal widths. I think that for a season or for a few tournaments, or at the very least for a few weeks of pick-up cities should try out different goal set ups. Only playing that way, new ways, will any of us see what it is like. I thought about what wider goals might be like before we tried it out. It’s been a couple weeks and I’m still learing and forming thoughts. But I know that I’d want more players to try this in different cities to have more than one way of thought when it comes to goal size. But when we start to talk about defining goal size the first thing that weights on is court size. I do think that to define one and not the other would make little sense.

After polo I went to Outlier’s store to get some new pants, then to Peel Sessions to meet one of the Hold Fast guys and pick up a prize won at Cranksgiving (I got second) then I met Kev again with some friends and ate thai food. Good times.

Two from Ottawa

Two from Ottawa, originally uploaded by Doug D.

Damn, I’m gonna miss you guys! I wish I could be there.

North Side Polo Invitational 2009

nspi 2009 ottawa polo flier
North Side Polo Invitational
Bike Polo Tournament
July 4th, 2009 weekend
Ottawa, Canada

The 2009 NSPI is set for the weekend of the fourth of July. I share the common opinion that Ottawa / Mallets Of Mayhem are a polo club that host events with too numerous of qualities to mention them all here. The point is this, if you want to play with the best of the best (they are the 2008 N. American Bike Polo Champions) the North Side is your best chance. And if you are hosting a polo event of your own, stay a couple weekends away from this one.

The Ottawa Citizen on Bike Polo

Whatever turns your crank

It’s not difficult to spot a bike polo player. Just look for the red knees.

By The Ottawa Citizen September 2, 2007

It’s not difficult to spot a bike polo player. Just look for the red knees.

The North Side Bike Polo Invite, part of the 4th annual Capital Punishment bicycle-courier festival, wraps up today at Ev Tremblay Park on Beech Street. It’s being hosted by The Mallets of Mahem, the 30-member Ottawa bike polo club.

The best way to describe the sport?

“It’s like hockey on bikes,” said Doug Dalrymple, who came up from New York with 16 other players to compete in the tournament.

Teams of three compete on a basketball court, navigating their bikes with one hand, swinging home-made mallets at a small orange ball with the other. Two pairs of pylons, one at each end of the court, serve as goals. The first team to score five wins.

There are no official rules, though etiquette is appreciated. If your foot touches the ground, referred to as dabbing, you should tap your mallet on the pylon attached to the chain-link fence before returning to play. Body checking is allowed, but deliberately crashing into an opponent is frowned upon. Throwing your mallet at a player is also a no-no.

Brian Whitmore, an organizer of the event, has been playing bike polo for about three years. To be good at it, he says, you must be agile on a bike and quick with a stick. And if you’re afraid of injury, you might want to try water polo instead.

“I’ve broken my right hand three times,” said Mr. Whitmore.

The competitors don’t wear helmets or knee pads, or any other type of safety equipment. A female member of The Mallets of Mahem dislocated her shoulder earlier this year. Someone else pulled an arm muscle. But for the most part, the players say, you just get a few scrapes and bruises.

Teams from the U.S. and Canada are competing in Ottawa this weekend. The prizes aren’t large, mainly bicycle equipment, but many of the best North American players are here. Hot spots for the sport include New York, Philadelphia, Seattle and Vancouver.

Most competitors in the tournament are bicycle messengers, such as Martha Esme, from Ottawa. She started playing last year.

“It looked novel,” she said.

A.K. Walls, who plays with Ms. Esme on the Wheelzebub team, says having superior bike-handling skills is the key to being good at the game. That’s why couriers make up the bulk of the players.

“It’s second nature for us to be on a bike,” he said.

Bike Polo Tournament in Toronto

bike polo toronto flier

Halloween Smackdown
Bike Polo Tournament
October 31st – November 2nd, 2008
Toronto, Canada

For more info see contact on flier

Ottawa sits on top of N. American bike polo…That’s What She Said!

Ottawa Wins NACCC Bike Polo Tournament!!!!

OWN YOU, originally uploaded by Doug D.

Brian, Alexis, and Robbie (That’s What She Said) take the prestigious title of North American Bike Polo Champions at the 2008 Chicago NACCC. Kings of the sport, I respect Ottawa players the most (ever since seeing them win ESPI I in 2005) and they deserve the win, but did not go undefeated. Phillys Mark, Montana, and Alex (Hoagie Rollers) did fight out of the losers bracket to meet That’s What She Said in the final. And that game went up to 4 – 0 Philly!! Then Ottawa brought it back to 4 – 4 !!!! after a few more minutes of top notch play Philly won!!! forcing a Final, Final. This next game started and during most of it I was helping others chase two thieves who stole a bike and bag and ran off. I did get back in time to see Brian score a beautiful game winning goal. Way to go man and congratulations!

I want to thank all of Chicago Bike Polo, everyone who had a hand in this event did a super job. There is no doubt that this was the largest bike polo event to date! And it was excellent!

For me this whole weekend was great, so many friends and new faces. I got to relax in the shade, as Johnny bandaged my head, (thanks Johnny, thanks Lee). Everyone was great to let me take their photo. I think there were only 5 people I missed, out of 34 + teams (please give me some time to work on them, I will post them all). Thanks to Lucky for a personalized custom Mallet (I still need your address). Thanks to the Hunters for giving me a sample of the “Mid-West Red”. Thanks to Wil Mills of La Carrera Cycles for flowing me some clothing. I’m not sure of his name but the mechanic who set up a work shop at the courts, that was very generous thing to have all those spare tubes available for free and lending tools for two days. Just awesome, Thank You.

So Many Sponsors and tons of prizes. If you guys want to take the time to send a thank you to the people who gave products as prizes I think that would be a really good thing! Thanking the small companys that give to the bike polo events can go a long way. I want to list a few of the sponsors.

Waterford Precision Cycles
Milwaukee Bicycle Co.
Seagull Bags
Kozie Prery
Crumpler Bags
And Many Others….


2008 North American Bike Polo Champions: “That’s What She Said” (Brian, Alexis, Robbie) Ottawa

2nd Place: “Hoagie Rollers” (Montana, Mark, Alex) Philly
3rd Place: “East Vanier” (Jen, Martin, Pieter) Ottawa/East Van

MVP: (highest goals per game avg.) Drew of Portland

35 teams with players from Ottawa, East Van, Chicago, Milwaukee, Philly, St. Louis, Madison, Seattle, Richmond, Lexington, New York City, Columbia, Minneapolis, DC, Baltimore, Boston, Orlando, Dayton, Portland, and Cleveland. 20 cities!!

2 days, 2 courts. 10 min games in round robin and bracket games up to the semi-finals. 15 min semi. un-timed Final. All games first to 5 points.

NSPI 2008 (photo recap part 2)

The 2008 North Side Polo Invite Bike Polo Tournament in Ottawa, Canada.
bike polo NSPI 2008 spoke cards

NSPI bike polo 2008 pologuard in box

NSPI bike polo 2008 trophy

NSPI bike polo 2008 paul helmet mallets grass

NSPI bike polo 2008 bent valve stem

NSPI bike polo 2008 players area

NSPI bike polo 2008 dennis to pink bike

NSPI bike polo 2008 crossword spokecard

NSPI bike polo 2008 zap t shirt

NSPI bike polo 2008 alexis desk work

NSPI bike polo 2008 kremmin sits

NSPI bike polo 2008 jarrett chris

NSPI bike polo 2008 steelwool tent

NSPI 2008 brian goldsprint

NSPI bike polo 2008 zach goldsprint

NSPI bike polo 2008 jarrett goldsprint

NSPI bike polo 2008 pellegrino trash can

NSPI bike polo 2008 nyc crowd deli

NSPI bike polo 2008 kiss lp wheel cover

NSPI bike polo 2008 unplugged mallet

NSPI bike polo 2008 my gear

All Photos © Doug D 2008

NSPI 2008 (photo recap part 1)

The 2008 North Side Polo Invite Bike Polo Tournament in Ottawa, Canada. Hosted by The Mallets Of Mayhem, enjoyed by all.
bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_3918

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4257

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4302

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_3915

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4168

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4066

NSPI 2008 IMG_4210

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4339

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4185

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4154

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_3936

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4150

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4114

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4139

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4130

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4423

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_3984

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4120

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4180

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4058

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4097

bike polo NSPI 2008 IMG_4397
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