Gem City Polo

First and second place at the Gem City Massacre 5 Bike Polo Tournament
Gem City Massacre

Zach, Brett, Andy, Doug, Elton, Joe

Photo courtesy of daytonohiobikepolo

Dayton Night Rides

Friday Night Rides.

Meet at Pacchia in the Oregon District at 10pm Friday night. Bring a light if you have one. Pace is very casual, just for a good time. Geared, Fixed, doesn’t really matter.



Ohio, originally uploaded by Doug D.

Blood -N- Dust


Blood -N- Dust
Fixed Gear No Brakes Race
September 27th, 2008
Dayton, Ohio

Must pre-reg with Brett. bloodndust (AT) gmail (DOT) com

I’ll be at this race. Actually, I never ridden fixed brakeless. Well, my old polo bike was fixed brakeless for a while and I did have a bike set up for the track and I did a few night races in Prospect Park last year. But a MonsterTrack style, on the street race.. not really my thing. Who cares right! I’m doing it! I won the last big race in my hometown. Oh, that was a three hour race and I finished 20 minutes ahead of 2nd place (and on my road bike). Whatever, it’ll be fun and I miss my friends in Ohio. They still play polo rough, and I owe Lee something. The winner of the race gets $500.00 and everybody gets to play polo Sunday, on the best court in the country.


$500 Winner: Ben Fry

1st Loser: Brent
2nd Loser: Doug D
3rd Loser: Wrong Way Tommy
4th Loser: Andy Ohio

May 18th, 2008 Dayton, Ohio part two

Gem City Massacre 5 Bike Polo Tournament

bike polo lee twisted GCMPOLO

bike polo nick busting thru

bike polo ross elton GCMPOLO

bike polo girl red bike GCMPOLO

bike polo joe push big lee GCMPOLO

bike polo adam gets a screen

bike polo joe crash lee nick

bike polo Nick Adam spill GCMPOLO

bike polo Eric bracket GCMPOLO
All Photos © Doug D 2008

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Gem City Massacre

Cleveland Bike Polo

ESPI3 DC Plat at Your Own Risk

May 18th, 2008 Dayton, Ohio part one

Gem City Massacre 5 Bike Polo Tournament

bike polo lee brett swings GCMPOLO

bike polo dana adam running GCMPOLO

bike polo all 6 adam on

bike polo bike lee small bike

bike polo bleachers GCMPOLO

bike polo dana strech GCMPOLO

bike polo nishiki tap out

bike polo Elton no goal GCMPOLO

bike polo brett chillin GCMPOLO

All Photos © Doug D 2008

Gem City Massacre 5


Gem City Massacre 5
Bicycle Alleycat & Scavenger Hunt & Bike Polo Tournament
May 17-18th, 2008
Dayton, Ohio

This is the updated flier.

For more info Gem City Massacre on Myspace


Main Race. 47 racers, 23 finished
1st place: Doug (Dayton/NYC)
2nd place: Noah (Dayton)
3rd place: Joe (Columbus) and 1st Out Of Town

1st place female: Anna
2nd place female: Lisa

DFL: Evan

Scavenger Hunt. 12 entered
1st place (Tie): Stacy and Lora
3rd place: Noelle

Bike Polo. 8 teams from Dayton, Columbus, Cincy, Springfield and NYC.
Double elimination, first round 3 points or 15 min. after that 5 points or 15 min.
1st place: “Two of the Four Riders of The Apocalypse…and Andy” (Zach, Doug, and Andy) NYC
2nd place: “The Dubious Three” (Brett, Elton, Joe) Dayton

Burning River Polo & Race

Burning River flyer
Burning River
Race & Bike Polo
May 10, 2008
Cleveland, Ohio

From what I’ve been told and have seen this is hardcourt and BIG ball polo. This will be 4 on 4, teams chosen at random. A race is happening the same day and they have at least two bikes to give away.

For more info see flyer for phone and email contact.
Or Pedal Republik of Cleveland on Myspace.

Dayton Polo Invite

Repost from myspace:

Dayton Polo Invite!

Sunday April 13th at 12:30pm. The Midwest is invading Dayton Ohio for bicycle mayhem. If you ride a bike and live within a 100 mile radius, you have no excuse to miss it.

My excuse for missing it is I live over 100 miles away, and the 5 day notice. But I hear Chicago, Lexington, Cincinnati, and Columbus will be there. The court in Dayton is awesome.