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A Thank You to Dockers

My team and I were lucky enough to get set up with a sponsorship from Dockers for our participation in the 2010 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships in Berlin. We were set up with some new pants and they custom screened the winged anchor logo on some t-shirts for us. This was all despite our team name being Profane Lobotomy. It all worked out great!   Thank you for your support.

Old Helsinki bike polo

According to Lefa at cyclingnsht.blogspot.com this photo was published in a book titled Idrotten i Finlad (1906) by Ivar Wilskman. Idrotten i Finlad translates to Sports in Finland. Kaisaniemi park is in Helsinki, Finland and H.V.K. stands for Helsingfors Velocipedklubb.

Looks to me like they are playing bike polo in the street, or at the very least not in the grass.

A Place called Polo

Queens, NY

July 11th, 2010 NYC

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NYC Century Bike Tour

NYC Century Bike Tour
The country’s only all-urban 100-mile bike tour
September 12th, 2010
Central Park, NYC

I spotted this as I was working, it’s too bad it’s the day after Bike The Barns in Madison, WI because I think I’m gonna be in Madison again. But even if I was in NYC on the 12th, I doubt I’d wake up and be at 110th Street by the 5:30am start time.

More info: nyccentury.org

New from MKE

Milwaukee Bicycle Co. and I made a new fork for bike polo. Thanks Drew! This is just a sneak-peek. Keep an eye on Ben’s Cycle for more details soon.

Last four games of ESPI 5

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A variety of bike polo shirts seen at ESPI 5
ESPI5 After day one and list of teams
ESPI5 Rules (Final Cut)
ESPI5 Boards supplies
East Side Polo Invite V

ESPI 5 Boards supplies

Z and P stocking up.

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Nick from Toronto in The Pit

We also had Gus from Boston and Nate’s dad visit us, as well as a couple new players to give bike polo a try.


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