Odyssey Monolevers

Your brake levers are weak. Get one of these. ZACH likes the trigger one.
Odyssey Monolever - Right

Killing shit at the BFF street party

Mark thompson bulldog bike BFF NYC street party
I’m pretty sure this is Mark Thompson of Bulldog Bikes NYC during the long jump comp. The BFF Street Party on 2nd Street in New York was a blast! I always like the BMX riders taking over when it comes to impressing the crowd.

Profile 48 Hole Fixed Hubs

At Profile, we don’t pretend to be experts about Bike Polo, so I don’t know why so many people are asking us to make 48 hole hubs, but I can guess.

And that guess would be that folding a 32 hole wheel in half and then trying to ride it for the rest of the game and then home afterwards is just no fun at all.

Here’s the very first pair of 48 hole Fixed/Fixed hubs we’ve made so far. We’ll probably run some more of these in a few, and have them ready to sell by the time the weather turns nice in most places. In other words, April-ish.

Drop me an email at christian atprofileracing dotcom.


For more info: Profile Fixed

Nigel Sylvester on Firsthand

And a short clip of NYC Bike Polo in The Pit.

Ruben Alcantara

You want plastic pedals on your polo bike

Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals


As seen on Ben’s Cycle Blog

Say goodbye to kick-you-off-your-bike pedal strike. I’ve had plastic pedals on my polo bike for years now and I won’t switch to anything else. I used to run the crappy narrow plastic pedals that come in the box with complete road bikes and such. The ones that usually get thrown away. I liked them only because when I would pedal strike on the court, the plastic would grind away like wax to a curb, instead of lift the rear wheel like a metal pedal will do. But when I started to ride real BMX pedals made of plastic, two things happened. One, my bike looked a lot better. And two, my feet didn’t hurt from flexing over those tiny, cheap things I was using.

Get’em from Ben’s Cycle, they have them in stock now.

Plastic BMX Pedals

This past weekend I met some friends of friends who rode BMX, and I learned a few new (to me) things about the bikes riders are on these days. One thing I want to bring over to my polo bike is the plastic pedals a lot of riders are on. I have always liked a flat pedal for polo, jumping off the bike is instant if need be. I think plastic works the best because they are cheap and won’t kick your rear wheel up so bad if you pedal strike. But the cheap ones are the throw-aways that come with factory complete bikes, and the problem for me is they have a small platform and hurt my feet after a while.

I went with the Haro “Small Block” plastic pedals (top) because they have the most surface area and cost the least. ($9.99)

The Odyssey “Twisted Super Lite” plastic pedals (middle) seem to be more popular among BMX’ers but they cost a little more. ($15.99)

And lastly the Eastern “CFR” plastic pedals (bottom) are just another option. ($14.99)




Prices listed found at Dan’s Comp