Anybody watch the 2nd half?

here it is.

2010 UCI Cycle-ball World Cup Kagoshima, Japan


Loop Mag issue 6 covers Ladies Army II and Shinokaze 2010

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I stopped by Brooklyn Machine Works to get a box before packing up for Berlin and seen they had a copy of the new Loop Mag. Seven full pages of bike polo and a few other small stuff spread out in the mag too. Tak has some great photos of a few North American female polo players here. Enjoy.

2010 Japanese Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships

2010 Japanese Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships
Sunday, July 25, 2010
Tokyo, Japan

Results from Riki

Yellow Stick Mania (Tommy, Yu-ki, RYO/Tokyo hardcourt Bike Polo/Tokyo)

雷神 (Raizing) (Riki, Arthur, Crow/Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo/Tokyo)

Black Wrist (Hajime. Fumi. Hana-Megane/Black Wrist/Tokyo)

More info: Tokyo Bike Polo

Loop Magazine issue 5

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This issue of Loop has The Grime riders on the cover but bike polo players all over the inside. Not pictured here but Riki from Japan has a full page for his Joust polo bike. Then two more full pages of Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo. The NYC Bench Minor bike polo tournament gets 5 full pages with a group shot followed by 14 rider shots all of out of towners. Lee, Sean McDonell, Hugo, Ben Hunter, Brian Dillman, John Atwell, Sam Jackson, Matt Lane, Johnny Crash, Tucker Schwinn, Pierre, Clement, Ben Schultz and Kremin.

More info: Loop Magazine

Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo 1st Anniversary Festival

Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo Festival ’10
June 4th – 6th, 2010
Tokyo, Japan

It seems like just yesterday when I found out that hardcourt bike polo reached Japan.

For more info: tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com

A short video of bike polo from Japan

the SESSION BIKE POLO from kenboo! on Vimeo.

I really like the player on the Cycle Ball style polo bike, And I see a couple of BMW’s out there too.

Lots of bike polo in Eastern Asia

night polo, originally uploaded by rikitko.

Anyone that is keeping track, even if just barely, knows that bike polo has been growing in all directions. More players in the places that have been at it for years and more cities starting up clubs in the places that didn’t have regular games one or two years ago. Europe has been doing what looks like the same thing. Where as polo was heavy in the United States and Canada, now it’s definitely heavy in Europe too. I’m still looking forward to playing on a different continent. Maybe London, maybe Milan, or maybe Tokyo!
I missed the 2009 CMWC in Tokyo but by the looks of things bike polo is getting hot in Japan. Of course bike polo is happening in South America and Australia too but like I said, anyone keeping track knows that they’ve had the game going for years. But polo in Japan is new. From looking at the stats of this site I see that Japan is second highest in page views, beating out Canada and United Kingdom nearly combined. From there I searched around and found some sites to get a better picture of what they were putting up. Here are some links to what I found.

flickr.com/photos/rikitko/ More photos from rikitko’s bike polo set

blogged.bluelug.com Some game play shots.

northwheelie.blogspot.com A few about-the-court shots

bakancycle.exblog.jp A funny flier and a mallet building session

fantapista.blog34.fc2.com Mallet build how-to

blog.8to8.in More mallet building. All of these links have photos by the way.

gallery.nikon-image.com Photo gallery of game play from CMWC weekend in Tokyo

nb-log.com A couple action shots and a bike check

pinkyfiky.cocolog-nifty.com one good photo of a Japanese bike polo mallet

osakabikepolo.wordpress.com This is the home page of Osaka Bike Polo. Bookmark it, or RSS it. Then RSS my site too. Thanks.

photozou.jp More mallet building session photos

d.hatena.ne.jp Again, mallets building photos.

blog2.nobikenolife.com Hanging out, building mallets, hitting the ball around

bakancycle.exblog.jp Probably the best of the mallet building links except they cut the top of the ski pole off, tisk tisk. Other than that, it’s much like my Build a bike polo mallet How-to.

sidecarblog.jugem.jp Lots of photos

And last but not least tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com All things Tokyo and Bike Polo.

New LOOP Magazine. Issue 2

LOOP is a new bicycling mag out of Japan and one of the contributing photographers is a friend of mine. Takuya Sakamoto or just “Tak” has been in New York many years as a bike messenger and working photographer. He has a website called New York Bike Dreams.

LOOP magazine cover

On the cover is Jeremiah ripping his new Brooklyn Element.

LOOP magazine

Inside has tons of photos with lots info like this product page featuring Fifo x BMW cycling caps.

LOOP magazine polo player

Also page after page of riders and their bikes like Wataru here, holding a bike polo mallet on his Schwinn Madison.

LOOP magazine ZACH

And the last page sneek peek of the next issue. Looks like ZACH is finally gonna let us see what he does back in his cave.

Halloween night pick-up games in Tokyo

halloween night pick-up games, originally uploaded by rikitko.

Oh man this flier is great. I wish I was in Tokyo!
2 on 2 pick-up sounds so fun.

More info: Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo