Game Play/ Action Shots

January 18th, 2009 NYC The Pit

Bike Polo Is Fun!!
Hardcourt Bike Polo Ben on the bridge

Hardcourt Bike Polo Frank in The Pit shovel snow

Hardcourt Bike Polo Lief and Paul reaching for ball

Hardcourt Bike Polo Ben Adam snow in The Pit

Hardcourt Bike Polo Lief in The Pit

Hardcourt Bike Polo Ben rides Grace falls
All Photos © Doug D 2009

January 10th, 2009 NYC The Pit

hardcourt bike polo eric DC chombo paul in the pit with snow

Saturday polo with snow in The Pit
All in town for some polo
Slow polo
Long shots over half the time polo
Three players foot down at a time, all the time, polo
Paul bought ice salt
I broke my phone by landing on it
Ben had some nice crashes
Kev took some photos
Talked with Eric about ideas around Montana’s suggested federation
And lots of fun games

hardcourt bike polo nick rva snow

hardcourt bike polo full court snow

hardcourt bike polo adam and dave in snow nyc

hardcourt bike polo snow tracks and nyc goal cones

hardcourt bike polo jonny hunter in the pit nyc grip and turn snow

hardcourt bike polo lief reach adam and goal in snow

hardcourt bike polo paul johnny lief nyc snow

hardcourt bike polo kevin walsh and lief on side line

hardcourt bike polo nick rva cec quinn

hardcourt bike polo ben hunter close snow

hardcourt bike polo jonny in goal snow

hardcourt bike polo tire valve cover
All Photos © Doug D 2009

Just one short year ago….

In New York this time last year we had snow to shovel before the games could start.

See you Sunday!
snow hardcourt bike polo nyc snow 1
the pit hardcourt bike polo nyc snow 2
zach brendan chombo ken paul wang birdseye hardcourt bike polo nyc snow 3
shot on goal hardcourt bike polo nyc snow 4
All Photos © Doug D 2007

November 9th, 2008 NYC

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 chrystie broome

A lot of guests in The Pit this week.
Nick from Boston
Yorgo from London
Leon the Great is still kicking it on the East Coast
Marco rolled up from Philly
Chris and Tiff from Lexington
And our winged friend too

What else happened…
Chombo got a new Seagull “¡VIVA!” backpack
Zach forgot his sleeves
Jack cracked his Bridgestone
Some friends from Mash and Macaframa hungout
Prolly and old what’s his name too
Frank said something about how nothing is real, this world is a dream, and gear ratios are meaningless.
And the Hua Mei Bird Garden people are staying longer in the afternoon.

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 traffic

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 chris quinn

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 yorgo chase

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 nick

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 chris zach

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 yorgo reaches

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 Leon

bike polo nyc 11-9-2008 group
All Photos © Doug D 2008

Sam Miller & Tom Mosher in The Pit

Sam Miller & Tom Mosher
Photo © Doug D 2008

Drew at NACCC

Drew Playing bike polo at NACCC 2008 Chicago photo by Doug D

Photo © Doug D 2008

Bike polo on Main St.

bike polo on Main St., originally uploaded by cricketpress.

Bike polo demonstration games during Lexington’s “Second Sunday” street closure. We set up a temporary polo court right on Main Street in the heart of downtown, and played the entire 4 hours of the event.

Damn, I bet that was fun. I wonder if they had any newcomers give bike polo a try. It’s great the city gave you that much space! And look at those goals, wide enough to drive a truck through.

To see more photos go to cricketpress on flickr

Hardcourt Bike Polo 87 Years Ago

I found a photo of bike polo from 1921. Playing in the street, knocking each other off their bikes, small ball, and the right kind of mallets. Evidence that hardcourt bike polo has been played much further back in history than the PNW wants us to believe.

Click the image to see full size.

Simply titled “Bicycle Polo” this is from the National Photo Company Collection (Library of Congress)
The date is listed as 9/13/1921 but the location unknown to me. Odds are it’s not Seattle.

Also, Kev’s Grandad tells about playing bike polo in the streets of Ireland in the 1930′s.

"doug and robbie"

doug and robbie, originally uploaded by kev_walsh.

Kevin Walsh took this photo of Robbie and I playing against each other during the second day of play at the NACCC bike polo tournament. In this play Robbie was going for a shot on my goal and I was trying to block the shot. I’m pretty sure I hit the ball away before before he could get the shot off. I know he didn’t score and just after this I was feet from the back wall and moving at a good clip. Locked up the rear brake to swing the ass end around just enough, as I hit the back wall both wheels at the same time, and did so hard enough to pinch flat both front and rear tires. Swapped out bikes but in the end my team, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, lost to his team, That’s What She Said. I like this photo because both our team names are in the picture. That’s What She Said went on to win the whole damn thing. Plus, I don’t see very many pictures of me playing.

Note my bloody hat. In the first day of tournament play I got a mallet to the head from Lee of Dayton by Lee FROM Dayton, big guy, lefty, kind of goof, kind of punk ass, if you see him, take his ass out for me. Twice!

NSPI 2008 (photo recap part 2)

The 2008 North Side Polo Invite Bike Polo Tournament in Ottawa, Canada.
bike polo NSPI 2008 spoke cards

NSPI bike polo 2008 pologuard in box

NSPI bike polo 2008 trophy

NSPI bike polo 2008 paul helmet mallets grass

NSPI bike polo 2008 bent valve stem

NSPI bike polo 2008 players area

NSPI bike polo 2008 dennis to pink bike

NSPI bike polo 2008 crossword spokecard

NSPI bike polo 2008 zap t shirt

NSPI bike polo 2008 alexis desk work

NSPI bike polo 2008 kremmin sits

NSPI bike polo 2008 jarrett chris

NSPI bike polo 2008 steelwool tent

NSPI 2008 brian goldsprint

NSPI bike polo 2008 zach goldsprint

NSPI bike polo 2008 jarrett goldsprint

NSPI bike polo 2008 pellegrino trash can

NSPI bike polo 2008 nyc crowd deli

NSPI bike polo 2008 kiss lp wheel cover

NSPI bike polo 2008 unplugged mallet

NSPI bike polo 2008 my gear

All Photos © Doug D 2008