Game Play/ Action Shots

November 1st, 2009 NYC

Lots of leaves on the court at 2pm but the Parks Dept. has the right equipment to get the job done quick.
From what I remember, this is only the second time they brought out the big guns.
Adam is not retired. After he and ZACH watched with amusement it was game on.
And nothing has changed, he still yells at the new people. Like Paul who stopped by from Dayton to play a few games.
The weather was perfect for November in New York but the time change is bad for bike polo everywhere.
More helmets being worn in games and more bikes being dialed in for polo.
And Johnny Midwest smiles a lot.

leaf blower in The PIt bike polo court

Adam is not retired from bike polo

Ken Zach Paul in the goal cones

Paul chases the ball

zack blackburn rides in The Pit NYC

Ken stanek and Johnny midwest play bike polo

zach blackburn Ken stanek bike polo

hardcourt bike polo in The Pit NYC

Ken hit the polo ball in a game

Johnny Midwest on his polo bike in The Pit

October 18th, 2009 NYC

August 24th, 2009 Long Beach, CA

The day after my NY to LA ride was complete I played bike polo in LA. The day (night) after that I played in Long Beach. Dukes was there for some games too. Thanks again to Josh for letting us borrow your bike.

Johnny Midwest Vs. Ramman

NYC Bike Polo Aug. 17, 2008 at the Cherry Street rink.

hardcourt bike polo ramman johnny midwest

hardcourt bike polo ramman johnny midwest

hardcourt bike polo ramman johnny midwest

hardcourt bike polo ramman johnny midwest

Aug. 23rd, 2009 David Potell Memorial YMCA Sports Facility

David Potell Memorial YMCA Sports Facility, originally uploaded by Doug D.

…or 818′s polo rink. I was out there this summer for some games. Joker was generous enough to drive out to LAX to pick up four of us and take to North Hollywood in his car. It’s an ex cop car. I got to sit up front. A great sunny day in California, it was good to spend it with good people and in the park BBQing. I had a really good time. And I took some pictures too. Here is a link to a set on Flickr.

August 23rd, 2009

Sept. 13th, 2009 Madison

I went out to Madison, a city I love to visit, and played some games with MAD Bike Polo.
I was in MKE briefly before MAD. I made sure to stop in Ben’s to say hi to Kremin, Drew and Matt.
Of about a handful of days in the state, playing polo was only about half of one of those days.
That was enough. I nearly broke my hand in the Thunderdome.
The rest of the time I drank good coffee, ate good food, helped prep food, and did “support” for a ride called Bike The Barns.
That equaled riding 50+ miles with Johnny Mid-what, Joe and Kremin. Eating more food and changing a flat tire before laying around in a park till sunset.
Madison is always a good time.

Hardcourt bike polo lief runs it up

Hardcourt bike polo john atwell

just coffee red trike delivery bike madison

Hardcourt bike polo brody plays a game

Hardcourt bike polo john atwell joe MKE and jonny hunter

Hardcourt bike polo max and sam madison

Hardcourt bike polo jonny hunter on a breakaway madison

Hardcourt bike polo kremin swings in madison

Hardcourt bike polo kremins leg at the thunderdome madison

Hardcourt bike polo jonny and ben chill court side

Hardcourt bike polo sam swings

Oct. 4th, 2009 The Pit

I was not playing polo because of a hurt hand, just letting it recover.
It was good to hang out. There were a good number of players and what not. HA!
I’m not sure but I think four European cities were represented in The Pit today.
I gave a Chinese can-man a dollar for the “I Los Marcos NY” bag he was using to collect cans.
Gave it to Ken aka beano for points. It was nasty with funk, not sure if the points were in the plus or minus..
Chombo is cool as shit.
Markus is back for a few weeks.
Johnny Mid-cantwin has a baller new wheel set.
Seemed like a bunch of girls were playing today. I wonder if that has anything to do with Adam retiring from polo?
Katie the Destroyer, Quinn before she bolts, Julie warming up for LMM, Fiona on her new BMW, Amber, Cecliy, and Brianna visiting from Boston.
And perfect weather.

Bike polo in NYC _MG_5089

Ken with I Los Marcos mask NY bag

Brooklyn Machine Works polo bike fiona ryan NYC _MG_5049

View of bike polo in The Pit New York City _MG_5085



bike polo Markus Muendecke

hardcourt bike polo new york max knight

bike polo mallets in the pit

bike polo in the pit nyc hardcourt

johnny midwest bike polo the pit nyc

June 21st, 2009 I polo NY

Hardcourt bike polo spoke card IMG_1522

Hardcourt bike polo  adam IMG_1540

Hardcourt bike polo zach MKE falls IMG_1473

Hardcourt bike polo camilla at the pit IMG_1536

Hardcourt bike polo action in the pit IMG_1516

Hardcourt bike polo Brendan McNamee in the pit IMG_1551

Hardcourt bike polo  strange plastic fish in street IMG_1546

Hardcourt bike polo game play IMG_1472

Hardcourt bike polo  paul R with ball IMG_1556

Birdseye jason brendan team photo IMG_1489

i polo ny group photo IMG_1579

And this was from the same weekend.

Sept. 27th, 2009 Dayton, Ohio











NYC Bike Polo Sept. 20th, 2009

Just a few shots of my first Sunday in The Pit since June. Feels good to be back!
hardcourt bike polo nyc the pit 1

hardcourt bike polo nyc the pit 2 Sept. 20th, 2009

hardcourt bike polo nyc the pit 3 Sept. 20th, 2009

hardcourt bike polo nyc the pit 4 Sept. 20th, 2009

hardcourt bike polo nyc the pit 5 Sept. 20th, 2009

hardcourt bike polo nyc the pit 6 Sept. 20th, 2009

hardcourt bike polo nyc the pit 7 Sept. 20th, 2009