Bike Polo

it may never end

spotted this on Tumblr

quick video about NYC Bike Polo

Maglianero: Burlington Hard Court Bike Polo

Maglianero: Burlington Hard Court Bike Polo from Gretchen Powers on Vimeo.

Northern Standard

The Northern Standard site is live and stocked with quality products. Check it out, and if you act fast shipping is free until Jan 1st with promo code “FS001″.


Milwaukee Bicycle Company Bruiser Raffle

$5 could win you a new MKE Bruiser Frame and Fork.

We are proud to announce that we are currently raffling off a brand new MKE Bruiser Frame and Fork.

The size is a medium so with the right set up could fit nearly anyone large or small. The lucky winner will be pulled at our holiday fundraiser which will be held in early December.

The $ raised from this raffle will go directly to the club in order to pay insurance, maintain our facilities, and potentially cover some rent for a winter indoor facility.

More info: Milwaukee Bike Polo

Paris Bike Polo

Paris Bike Polo from on Vimeo.

A new one found on Vimeo.

Boneshaker Mag Issue #7

I saw some tweets about the new issue of Boneshaker Magazine having a photo of bike polo on the cover. Im looking forward to getting my hands on a copy and reading the article.

More: Boneshaker Magazine

Above The Influence: Concrete Riders

Each weekend, Adam and his bike polo crew take to the streets of NY to ride, compete, hang out and keep each other Above the Influence.

I heard about a bike polo ad being played on Hulu. I spend about 9 hours catching up on Family Guy and The Office and didnt catch the ad. But a friend found it on YouTube.

Long Beach, Californië, USA, 1926

Eric from DC sent this m way. Thanks man.

I’ve been away from this blog for a little while. There might be a few photo posts in the pipeline.

skingrowsback: Stem Pad

I don’t care if you use a stem pad on your polo bike. I do care if you have un-plugged bar ends or exposed chainrings. That shit is messed up. But a stem pad is only gonna save the rider of the bike it’s on. Nuts and knees. That’s what likely tags the back of the stem in a crash.

I wear padded gloves, and a helmet, and now I finally have a stem pad.

If you want to get one for yourself check out from Catt & Jamie of Australia. They make a bunch of things good for polo players.

Like valve protectors.

And polo mallet straps.

.. among other things.

For the rest of their products, prices and order info visit