Aug. 23rd, 2009 David Potell Memorial YMCA Sports Facility

David Potell Memorial YMCA Sports Facility, originally uploaded by Doug D.

…or 818′s polo rink. I was out there this summer for some games. Joker was generous enough to drive out to LAX to pick up four of us and take to North Hollywood in his car. It’s an ex cop car. I got to sit up front. A great sunny day in California, it was good to spend it with good people and in the park BBQing. I had a really good time. And I took some pictures too. Here is a link to a set on Flickr.

August 23rd, 2009

BYOBW 2009: SF Hardtop Stickers

BYOBW 2009: SF Hardtop Stickers, originally uploaded by mcas_sf.

CSI: NY, Now with Bike polo filmed in LA

Episode 20


LA Bike Polo

Bike Polo By Lee Diskin

Bike Polo from Bicykiller on Vimeo.

    Bike Polo Tournament held in Los Angeles, CA. Teams from all across the country came out to represent.
    Alex Tallcans organized the event with tons of help from LA Brakeless, Chrome, and many other sponsors.Music: “Every Direction is North” by El Ten Eleven

Southern California Polo Picnic

818 bike polo flier

Southern California Winter Polo Picnic
Bike Polo matches
December 20th – 21st, 2008
North Hollywood, CA

The flier says 1 on 1 & 2 on 2 matches so looks like it’s more for fun than bragging rights, good. But the flier also says 22-21. Typo I guess.

Also 818 has a new weblog, visit for more info.


Winners: East Van

2nd place: East Van/Philly/NYC (Martin, Mark C., and Chris R.)
3rd place: Seattle (Leon, Seabass, and Drew) does "urban bike polo" story in Scene/Lifestyle section

The Sacramento Bee
Sunday, July 20, 2008
A gritty cousin of the game of kings, bike polo is gaining traction
By Gina Kim –

Two lines of four people square off across the parking lot, each balancing on their fixed-gear bikes with only the heads of their polo mallets resting on the ground.

“Marco,” yells one side.

“Polo,” responds the other.

Then the two teams, in unofficial uniforms of cut-off jeans and T-shirts, race toward a red rubber ball in the center of the empty lot. There’s the sound of plastic against asphalt as mallets shove the ball toward one of the orange-cone goals, while the din of traffic echoes from the Capital City Freeway above.

This is urban bike polo, a game that’s hijacking empty lots, basketball courts and sometimes parking garages across the country and world……

Read the rest here

Some photos, a video, some argumentative responses in the comment section, and the obligatory branding of this as “urban” bike polo. Plus, BSNYC took note of this story and did a post about it too. He must be scraping the bottom of content barrel. I only read part of his post, not that funny.