Kings of the Rink 2010

Kings of the Rink 2010
Bike Polo Tournament
September 10th – 12th, 2010
Grenoble, France

From what I understand this tournament will be one day of double elimination book-ended with a day of goldsprints and pick-up and a day of Bench Minor style polo. Very cool!

And I recommended you follow the link to their site. I found some very inspiring photos.

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Official 2010 NAHBPC poster

Joker’s Surly 1×1 polo bike

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Fixe Magazine issue #3

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Bike polo and New York is all over this European fixed gear bike mag! NYC bike polo from the visitors point of view. Half page photos of Zach and I.

Then the Fixed vs. Freewheel opinions from me, Guthrie, Kev, Matt V, Paul, and Yorgo. The last three vote fixed.

And what is likely the last interview with the Los Marcos hooligans. I have it on good authority that all of Los Marcos Polos sailed back to the island Los Marcostan on a raft just after their last tournament.  Apparently they learned nothing from Rapa Nui and between all the diseases they brought back from the Lower East Side and over exploiting their resources to build bigger and bigger statues of themselves… well, they’re extinct now.

Viva Los Marcos! RIP

More info: Fixe Magazine

COG magazine issue 8

I’m a little late posting this but it’s still pretty cool COG put a full spread photo of bike polo in their newest issue. Way to go Vermont!

Moro info: COG Magazine

Burlington Hardcourt Bike Polo

Kenk “The world’s most prolific bicycle thief”

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This is just from a promo copy of a 256 page “ground breaking journalistic comic book built from over 30 hours of exclusive footage”

These guys had a short film in the NYC Bicycle Film Festival this year and a booth at the street party. What I took from it was that for a year or so before the thief who was stock piling over 3000 stolen bicycles in Toronto was caught, these guys thought Igor Kenk would be a great subject for a documentary. After he was arrested they used the footage to make a graphic portrait. We all read about what happened to this guy after he was exposed. This it the story leading up to that.

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Racing Stripes at the OUTLIER store

OUTLIER shares a space with an art gallery and right now there is an ongoing interactive video painting called Racing Stripes. I was leaving ESPI 5 on Saturday and rolled past the store and Tyler told me about it. The cool thing is you can see it from the street and it is active from early morning, though the entire day, and stops at 2AM. But it starts up again the next morning. And every minute the ever changing image is posted to a Flickr account. Roll by and check it out.

“the Birth of Big Air”-The Matt Hoffman story

This a a trailer for the feature film in Program 1, 2, and 3 of the NY Bicycle Film Festival. That’s this Friday June 18th 7:30pm, 9:30, and 11:30.
I have tickets for 7:30 and I can’t wait!

The Birth of Big Air
Directed by Jeff Tremaine
Produced by Spike Jonze, Priya Swaminathan
and Dickhouse Productions

More info: Bicycle Film Festival

Man & Machine

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I stopped by the OUTLIER store the other Saturday and this was a gift Tyler had for me. no.43 of 500. Made by self proclaimed “fakeinger and hipster” Bjorn Rust. In this issue he interviews Daniel Angus about Brisbane and bike polo. And some other stuff too. Looks good.

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Bicycle Film Festival 2010 Trailer