Milwaukee Bicycle Company Bruiser Raffle

$5 could win you a new MKE Bruiser Frame and Fork.

We are proud to announce that we are currently raffling off a brand new MKE Bruiser Frame and Fork.

The size is a medium so with the right set up could fit nearly anyone large or small. The lucky winner will be pulled at our holiday fundraiser which will be held in early December.

The $ raised from this raffle will go directly to the club in order to pay insurance, maintain our facilities, and potentially cover some rent for a winter indoor facility.

More info: Milwaukee Bike Polo

One minute Young at Heart

One minute Young at Heart from Michael Miller on Vimeo.

MKE Bike Polo Club exhibition match

Half time bike polo at the roller derby.

Milwaukee Messenger Invitational10

Milwaukee Messenger Invitational10
Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament
Sunday March 27, 2011
Milwaukee, WI

MKE Bike Polo at the Roller Derby

Looking at the MKE Bike Polo blog I see they are set up to play bike polo for their local roller derby in a half time show.

More: brewcitybruisers.com

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2010 WHBPC Final

Milwaukee Slayerfest

aka Kremin & Brian’s Tournament


2011 Trek Madone 6.9 SSL (58cm)

Please view large

I was in Madison this past weekend for an organized bike ride. After getting burned by the airlines on my way back from Worlds I wanted to find a loaner bike in Madison for the ride. So I called a friend at Trek and asked if I could borrow a demo bike for the weekend. To my surprise this is the bike I had the pleasure to take on a beautiful country ride. So light, so fast. I’m embarrassed to say what this ride costs. One thing I should say is I wish I’d have known I would be on such a baller whip and have brought my road pedals and shoes. Thank you Eric for the bike and Thanks to Jonny for the bmx pedals.

Here are a bunch of photos of the Bike the Barns ride. http://www.flickr.com/photos/daytonohio/sets/72157624952124742/

And just a few more shots of my new favorite bicycle. http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=madone&w=24081430%40N06&z=m

2010 Bike the Barns

Bike the Barns
fund-raising bicycle ride
September 11th, 2010
Madison, WI

This is a great ride. I did it last year and I’m looking forward to it this year too. The Hunter Brothers, Just Coffee and all the other good things from Madison are involved or near by. What else do i need to say?
I’ll have some photos later, check back.

More info: MACSAC