Fall Indoor Training

First in real time, then in hyper time.


In the green room of Hunter College as we were waiting to play bike polo as the half-time show for the Gotham Girls Roller Derby. We played a 10 min. game in front of about 800 people.

Johnny Midwest Vs. Ramman

NYC Bike Polo Aug. 17, 2008 at the Cherry Street rink.

hardcourt bike polo ramman johnny midwest

hardcourt bike polo ramman johnny midwest

hardcourt bike polo ramman johnny midwest

hardcourt bike polo ramman johnny midwest

Joe Vs. Goldie

What is going on here?

IMG_0326, originally uploaded by dani.ohia.

That’s Joe (L) and Goldie who is on his brakeless, freewheel, front suspension polo bike. He was one of my teammates at the 6th Mid-West in Dayton, Ohio. Joe’s team beat us and then took the whole damn thing.


BAD vs ZRMY from Brendan McNamee on Vimeo.

Horses Vs. Bikes on the polo court

Kev was telling me about the new Intersection Magazine and the Horse Play photo shoot, so I asked him to send some photos my way and this is what he sent me. Thanks.

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All Photos used with permission. Kevin Walsh 2009

Hey Prolly, What Do You Think?

495 John Prolly wheelie BFF

I’m pretty sure the person who stole my photo knew where it came from.
Is it that hard to ask??

Flier found on Moving Target

Obama Vs. McCain, Campaign Contributions from within Brooklyn

You have to go to The Brooklyn Ink to see all the details. I find stuff like this interesting.

brooklyn zip codes red and blue

Click the Zip, see the contributions

Picture 4 ahhahahaa

Picture 2 ooohhhhh! McCain likes donuts!

And there’s more… The Brooklyn Ink

Just An Observation

NYC vs. London


Ed Glazar vs. Bicycle Film Festival

Bike Polo, originally uploaded by edglazar.

Bicycle film festival bike polo
London Bicycle Film Festival 2007

"Little Beirut" Vs. "Urban" Vs. "Hardcourt"

This is barely worth posting about but I want to know what other players think. The West Coast calls it “Little Beirut”, the media always wants to label it as “urban”, and I obviously prefer “hardcourt” (one word). When players talk to other players it’s simply bike polo, but what makes the most sense and sounds the best when explaining the difference between the traditional version of bike polo (cycle polo) and this version we play?

Actually I just wanted to say I can’t stand the word “urban”, it makes us sound like a store in the mall.
I also hate the word “amazing”.

Edit: I also find the Wikipedia page on Urban Cycle Polo to be cluttered and boring. (I didn’t add a link because I don’t want to promote it. Even with it having a photo of mine on the page, blah.)

Physics Vs. Metaphysics

I have no idea, all I know is polo bikes take a beating.
polo bike 1

polo bike 2

polo bike 3

polo bike 4

polo bike 5
All photos © Doug D